Onekama's 7th Grade Takes 1st Place!

We won the tournament by 5 points. I got 2 threes and the stuff of the century. We played as a good team.
It was a great season.

Kyle Acker
Last night we went in over time then we won in overtime.
The score was 37 to 32.
We got a trophy and we
took first place.

Tanner Kott


In the game last night it was very tense. I thought we were going to lose in the 4th quarter. I am glad we had overtime. I am also glad the way our team hustled. The score was 38 to 32. It was so tense with their last shot at the end of the fourth quarter for them. We out ran them with our press. If we weren’t running full out we could have lost. I am so glad we won though. With only three minutes for over time we ran like we never had before. That is why we won -- we ran them tired. Our team won for the 2nd year in a row.
~Dylan Koschtial

Bear Lake's 7th Grade Takes 2nd Place!


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Onekama's 7th Grade Takes 1st Place!

Tanner Kott

Tyler Fogarty

Adrian Norman

Dylan Koschtial

Cody Graf

Sean Lowe

Kyle Acker

Alex Welch


The 2006-2007 Boys Basketball Season
Photos by Barb

(Thank you to those who have complimented me on my photos. What you seldom see are the 50% that turn out like those to the left and right!)

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