The Onekama MS Student Council will be holding lemonade stands at lunch. This project will raise money to help children with cancer.

The Onekama Middle School Student Council is participating in a nation wide Lemonade Stand project to raise money to fight Childhood Cancer. A young girl named Alex started the project before she died.  As part of Alex’s Lemonade Stand project, we will be setting up lemonade stands at lunch, communicating with other groups/schools across the US via the distance learning lab, and also writing to pen pals in Philadelphia.  The Student Council members will be  visiting classrooms to read a picture book about Alex and her dream to help promote the Lemonade Stands. 

It's great to watch yourself on TV in the Distance Learning Room.
Far Left: Onekama students; Middle: Pennsylvania School where Alex was a student; Right: Alex's mother reads a book Alex and her family wrote about the Lemonade Stand   Promoting the Program in Elementary Classes // Selling Lemonade


Front Row: Dylan Koschtial,  Taylor Hagen, Elizabeth Bergren, Kaylan Fitch, Emily Barnard, Mikayla Johnson
Middle Row: Curtis McKenney, Travis McKenney, Ryan Pienta, Mariah Hunt

Back Row:  Jake Babcock, Chris Bradford, Duane Tiefenthal, Brandon Morrill, Nick Osborn

Onekama Middle School for 2006-2007

April 2007