Middle School Student Council Volunteered at Homeward Bound Shelter . 
Members that attended were 8th grade students were Kailani Buckner, Ricki Superczynski, Elizabeth Schoedel, and Thomas Koon; 7th graders, Taylor Hagen, and Nathan Fitch. 6th graders, Lindsay Nesburg, Jaylee Brown, Danielle Ward, and Cody Graf

The students scooped poop, walked dogs, played with dogs, and brushed, petted, and played with cats.  One particular dog caught their attention, Zeke.  Zeke needs eye surgery to remove his eye and stitch the socket shut. The surgery will cost $200 and the students want to organize a fundraiser to help Zeke get his surgery.  This was a service learning activity the students chose. 
Earlier this year the students have volunteered with the Food Pantry and raised money and goods for victims of Hurricane Katrina.  We will be planning another visit to Homeward Bound in April and May.  Mrs. Buckner was kind enough to volunteer to help and drive. …Mrs. Ramsey

March 22, 2006


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2nd Visit to the Humane Society