Middle School Student Council Volunteered Again at Homeward Bound Shelter . 

Members that attended: 8th grade students Ricki Superczynski, Elizabeth Schoedel, and Thomas Koon; 7th graders: Taylor Hagen, Brooke Sedelmaier, and Nathan Fitch. 6th graders: Lindsay Nesburg, Jaylee Brown, Danielle Ward, Alicia Howes and Cody Graf.

Cody (right) gets reacquainted with a friend he made on his last visit. Ricki (left) is holding one pretty cat. 

I had loads of fun at the Humane Society. I loved walking dogs. The dogs were so excited when they saw everyone come in because they knew they were going to get a walk. When I tried walking them they just seemed like they wanted to lead. Kitties and cats. are also playful. They know how to make their day fun. ...Jaylee Brown

Jaylee (left) and Lindsay (right) ought to adopt these pets.

I had a great time at the Homeward Bound Shelter. My favorite does is named Ginger. The dogs were so energetic when we walked them. The cats are cute too. There was one cat named Racer that looks like my cat at home. The kittens were especially energetic. They were running all over the room. ...Danielle Ward

Elizabeth (left) and Nathan (right) with puppy pals

Taylor, Lindsay and I cleaned crates that dogs and cats used. Then we let Danielle and Alicia clean the rest and we went to play with puppies in the adoption room. We named all of the too. They were both funny and fun to play with. That was my day at the homeward bound shelter. ...Jaylee Brown

Brooke (left) and Nathan (right) are exercising new friends

There was one cat named Murphy who almost bit me. I almost had to get a tetness shot. Also there were four puppies. They looked like golden retreivers. We called them Tubby, Tubby Jr. Runt and Charleston Chew. I had great fun. ...Danielle Ward

Cody (left) and Ricki (right) are walking their new friends

I really like going to the Humane Society. The reason that I like to go is because I get to play with cats and dogs. I love animals. ...Alicia Howes

Looks like Brooke (left) and Travis (right) have found twice as many puppies to love.



 Celebrating Earth Dayby helping all of the Earth's creatures:The students raised over $80 for food, treats and other supplies for the cats and dogs.

Alicia, Elizabeth and Danielle





 Elizabeth, Travis, and Thomas at work


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April 13, 2006