Eighth Grade Boys Basketball Schedule for 2004-2005
Coach: Dennis Manke / Team Photo

Date Opponent Result
12/5 Pentwater Home 5:00 Grade 7 only
12/7 Bear Lake Home 5:00 Photos by LynnThey won their first game against Bear Lake 36 - 26
12/12 Baldwin Home 5:00 On Monday the 12/12/05 the Baldwin Panthers traveled to Onekama to take on our young Portagers. Onekama jumped out to an early lead and held it through out the game. Baldwin made a couple of runs, but Onekama held them off to win by a score of 33 to 27 to improve their season record to 2-0. Chase Calloway led with 14 points, Joe Kosiboski netted 12 pts, Jake Matthews chipped in with 5, and Danny Brown scored 2. ...Dennis Zupin Mixed Middle School Photos from Bear Lake & Baldwin
12/14 Walkerville Away 5:00 Photos Our Young Portagers won with a score of Onekama 39 and the Walkerville Wildcats 29 as they improved there record to 3-0
12/19 Bear Lake Away 5:00 Our 8th grade Portagers won by a score of 45-21 Leading the scoring for the Portagers was Chase
Callaway as he netted 18 pts, Joe Kosiboski swished through 17 pts., Jordon Zupin helped out with 6 pts, Jake Mathhews added 4 and Tom Koon closed out the scoring with 2. As the young Portagers improved there record to 4-0. ...Dennis Zupin /
Photos by Bonnie
1/9 Brethren Home 5:00 The Brethren Bobcats traveled to Onekama to take on the undefeated 8th graders. Our young Portagers got off to a slow start and were down 12-2 after the 1st period, and at the half fell behind by a score of 25-7. They couldn't get a basket to fall through, but in the 3rd quarter they started to make a comeback and at the end of the 3rd quarter they were down by a score of 35-20. In the 4th quarter they were getting very close, but just plain ran out of time and lost their first game by score of 40-35. Leading the Portagers was Joe Kosiboski as he netted 13 points, Chase Callaway added 8, Thomas Koon put in 7, Jake Matthews connected for 5 and Jordon Zupin sank 2 free throws at the end of game to close out the scoring. Their record is now 4-1. The Portagers now play MCE at home on Wednesday. ...Dennis Zupin
1/11 MCE Home 5:00 Game cancelled and won't be made up
1/16 Baldwin Away 5:00 Game cancelled and won't be made up
1/18 Walkerville Home Our 8th grade boys led by a score of 5-1 after 1 quarter of play and at the half they were up by a score of 11-5 and increased that lead to 21-14 after 3 quarters and in the 4th quarter the Wildcats out scored the Portagers but they hung on to win by a score of 30-22. Leading the Portagers attack tonight was Joe Kosiboski whom netted 16 points, Chase Callaway added 8 pts, Jake Matthews hit the nets for 4 points and Thomas Koon had 2. as they improved there record to 5-1 and next play Freesoil at home on Monday January 23rd as Freesoil only has a 8th grade team so there wouldn't be a 7th grade game. ..Dennis Zupin
1/23 FreeSoil Home On Monday the 1/23/06 the Freesoil Pirates came to the Onekama gym to take on our 8th grade boys in there final regular season game of the year. The Portagers were coached by Jerry Brown tonight as their regular Coach Dennis Manke was out of town. The Portagers were ahead 6-4 at the end of the first quarter and stretched it to 12-7 at the half and at the end of 3rd quarters they were ahead by a score of 9-16. They out scored the Pirates in the 4th Quarter to win by a score of 24-15 and improved their record to 6-1 for the season. Chase Callaway led all scorers by pumping in 12 pts, Joe Kosiboski netted 6, Tom Koon connected for 4 pts, and Jake Mattews closed out the scoring with 2 pts. Next up is tournament play this Saturday at Onekama where about 1:00 p.m our 8th grade Portagers will take on Bear Lake. ...Dennis Zupin Game Photos
1/28 Tournament Home   The 7th and 8th grade Tournament schedule for Saturday January 28th at ONEKAMA GYM is as follows at
  • 10:00 A.M. MCE 7th graders beat Brethren 7th graders 29-37
  • 11:00 a.m. MCE 8th graders beat Brethren 8th gradersMCE beat Brethren 33-18
  • 12:00 p.m. Onekama 7th graders lost to Bear Lake 7th graders 32-17 Game Photos
  • 1:00 p.m. Onekama 8th graders beat Bear Lake 8th graders 38-27 Game Photos
2/04 Tournament Home The 7th and 8th grade Tournament schedule for Saturday February 4th at ONEKAMA GYM is as follows at these approximate times:
  • 10:00 a.m. 7th grade Consolation Game: Brethren 28- Onekama 22
  • 11:00 a.m. 7th grade Championship Game Photos from 7th Grade Game MCE 39 and Bear Lake 23
  • 12:00 p.m. 8th grade Consolation Game Bear Lake beats Brethren
  • 1:00 p.m. 8th grade Championship Game MCE wins with 52Onekama 31 Photos from 8th Grade Game

Eighth Grade Basketball Team

Coached by Dennis Manke

  • Dan Brown
  • Joe Kosiboski
  • Thomas Koon
  • Chase Calloway
  • Jon Nesburg
  • Jordan Zupin
  • Jake Matthews

Seventh Grade Basketball Team

Coached by John Burtch

  • Larry Bishop
  • Todd Cooper
  • Paul Cunningham
  • Shane Duffy
  • Nathan Fitch
  • Skyler Kimpel
  • Jesse McIntyre
  • Travis McKenney
  • Jared Miller
  • Bobby Myers
  • Ryan Pienta
  • Duane Tiefenthal
  • Austin Van Noller

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Reported by Dennis Zupin