Presented by the 6th grade

Directed by Mary Sanderson, Onekama 6th Grade Teacher 

Onekama's version of the play, Cinderella, was written by 9th grader Kaylyn Lavendar when she was in 8th grade.  Kaylyn also helped direct and produce it.  She  was involved in everything;  the writing, editing to include additional scenes the students wanted, auditions, directing rehearsals, and she even brought or made and altered costumes and props.   Her incredible focus on details paid off for our cast.   Alana Wiltshire also helped with the backstage needs, along with Connie Scheppelemann, our RTC Coordinator.  They were invaluable in keeping the props and costumes sorted and ready to go.  We could not have done it without them.  Beata Hunt took the pictures you see here, and my husband, Jim ran the video camera. They were the icing on our cake! Currently I am working on incorporating the video into a formatted movie program.   We sure did appreciate our parent support as well. I know all of our parents worked with their child, because it really showed as we improved each week.  Dani Ward brought backstage munchies, and I have to say that Mr.. Ward makes the best salsa I've ever had.  I thought the students worked well (and had some fun on the side), and did a spectacular job.   They memorized the lines much more quickly than I expected, and helped me keep up.  They not only had to learn the lines, they had to learn how to say each line, work on volume, pitch, and use of bodily expression, as well as keep up with the choreography.  Their patience and effort resulted in a great show.  I think everyone was proud of our first production and wants to get going on a new one.  That is to say, as soon as I rest up! 

I loved being in the play. I was Mouse One and Lady in Waiting One. It was really fun to be a mouse. I loved how the play was put together. Kaylin put the play together vey well. She is really nice and I had a lot of fun. During the play I messed up once, but I don’t think any one noticed. I loved my dress for the lady in waiting. It was fun for me to work with Cinderella who was played by my friend Mariah Hunt. The play was really fun. …Louise Somerville

I played Cinderella. I loved my part. I messed up a few times. At first I thought I’d never learn them in time. But I did! I had fun. Everyone was hurrying to get dressed and find things. I loved it. ...Mariah Hunt

I enjoyed being in the play. I was a stepsister (Anastasia) and I had a whole lot of fun. We had many fun practices and it was great being with all my friends. I loved going to all the practices and wearing the dresses. …Lindsay Nesburg

In the play of Cinderella I was the messenger. My favorite part was the town seen. I even got a scroll. This is about the play and what I liked. ….Alex Welch

I was the godmother and the stepmother. It was really challenging because I had to play a good person and a bad person. My favorite scene was when I wasn’t even on stage. It was right before the bedroom scene, when I got to yell at Cinderella (Mariah), "I ALWAYS DO YOU STUPID FOOL. DUH!!!!!" I really liked to do a play. I wish we could do it again.
…Madalyn Harvey

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These wonderful photographs were taken by Beata Hunt. We appreciate all her work.