Onekama Middle School Students Participated in AT&T/MACUL Student Technology Showcase at the State Capitol in Lansing

September 28, 2005

Our Trip to Lansing
Taylor Hagan

Kailani, Ricki, Ryan, Danny and I got to go to Lansing for the day. We were there because we had to give a presentation about our laptops. In Lansing I got to see some pretty interesting things like the capital building. I got to meet some pretty cool people too. During the tour of the capital building, Rep. Palsrock showed us the house floor. We even got to sit at his desk and call our parents on his phone. 

When we were done with the presentation we went up to the top floor to eat some lunch.  Danny saw his Aunt. She was at a protest outside of the building. The protest was about keeping children safe in their schools. After all I had a great time. 

Technology Presentation
Ryan Pienta

Mrs. Ramsey, our Social Studies teacher, was invited to take a few of her students to Lansing for the AT&T/MACUL Technology Presentation. It was held in the Capital building. When we got there, we were told to go down one wing of the building to our presentation table. We started up our laptops and opened our power points. All the walls are hand painted. Later on we were asked if we wanted to take a tour of the building by Rep. Palsrok, who graduated from Manistee High. He even took us to the house floor where they vote on laws.

He took us to his desk where he show us his computer and how they us technology too. Some of us even got to call home from his phone. I was picked to call phone, and when I did my mom didn’t answer because it came up on the caller ID as Michigan House Of. I’m glad I was asked by Mrs. Ramsey!

October 11, 2005 in Lansing
Kailani Buckner

On September 28 we went to Lansing to present our projects on the computer. While we were there we got to meet lots of senators and representatives from our state.
We even got a private tour from David Palsrok, who is a representative from Manistee. We got to go on the House Floor where no one else was actually allowed to go. The House Floor is where people vote on laws. Taylor even got to call her mom from the House Floor. They had lots of pictures of senators on the walls and all the walls were hand painted. After that we packed up and went to have lunch.

When We Went to Lansing
By Ricki Superczynski

When we went to Lansing we showed our presentations. When Dave Palsrok came to view the power points he took us up to the house floor where his office is located. I called my house from the house floor but no one answered, then Ryan, no answered, and finally Taylor called her mom. Dave Palsrok also showed us a few other rooms such as the old general court room, new general court room, and where the senators offices were. After we went to eat lunch and I won a I-Pod shuffle for coming to the capital. Overall the trip was really good.

Lansing Computer Presentation
By Dan Brown

When we were at Lansing we met Representative Palsrok. He took us to the house floor, and Taylor called her mom from his phone. A lady came by our display and she loved my power point. When we got done and walked out of the capitol building I saw my aunt sitting on the front lawn waiting for a protest (about safety in the classroom) and we sat down and talked for a while. Then we had to rush home so Ryan and I could get to our cross country meet and so Taylor could get back for her dance class - we barely got back in time. I thought that the whole thing was pretty fun though.

back row: Kailani, Dan, Ryan Mrs. Ramsey
front row Taylor, Ricki, Senator McManus

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Lansing, Michigan

September 28, 2005