Middle School Advisory
Ms Woolman


<--Stuffing the prize winning scarecrow

Building a shelter "silently" -->

The object of the shelter activity was to provide an opportunity for students to work together in solving a group problem. Using only newspapers and masking tape, groups of 5 to 7 students had to build a shelter in which they all could fit. No other supports such as chairs or walls were used but students could take the newspaper to the floor. ...Mr. Woolman
During the building period students could touch the material but not talk. During the planning period, students could talk but not touch the materials. Total planning and building time was 20 minutes, and I didn't think the groups could complete the task, but all of them succeeded because of TEAMWORK.
In this picture we are making our scarecrow. It was fun, but it took a lot of hard work. It ended up that the judges liked our scarecrow and we won! ..Lindsay
(Left to Right: Lindsay, Dylan and Jennica)
Stuffing our scarecrow
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Middle School 2005-2006