Summer Softball
Coach: Duane Keith

Team members: Stacey Keith, Alyssa Cole, Chelsey Miller, Mallory Mattson, Sherece Revolt, Kieran O'Connor, Abigale Smeltzer, Katie Prielipp. Anja Grommons, Kailani Buckner, Kelsey Acker, Joslin Pomeroy, Diamond Kimpel, Ashley Schultz, Elizabeth Schoedel

Sponsored by Kalcher, Vanderwal & Torrey

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 Mon. 5/23/05  5:30 @ Sands Park Kalcher Vanderwal & Torrey (Onekama team) - 7 runs Manistee Eagles - 8 runs
Tues. 5/24/05  6:00 @ Onekama Kalcher Vanderwal & Torrey - 9 Manistee Lions - 21 Photographs from the game by Jeri Prielipp
Wed. 5/25/05 7:00 @ Sands Park Photographs from the game
6/2/05 6:00 @ Frankfort  
Mon. 6/6/05   7:00 @ Sands Park Photographs from the game by Jeri
Wed. 6/8/05    5:30 KVT vs Eagles @ Sands Park  
Mon. 6/13/05    5:30 & 7:15 at Kaleva Photographs from the game by Jeri This was Mallory Mattsen's last game before moving to Florida.  We all were very sad to see her go.
Thur. June 16 - 7:00 KVT vs. WSH @ Kaleva  
Tues. 6/21/05    7:00 Eagles vs KVT @ Onekama  
Wed. 7/6/05    5:30 & 7:00 KVT vs. Lions @ Sands Park (5:30 game-Protest game) We played the Lions (protest game) on July 6 and we won that game and then we played them again and won the second game. The "protest game" with the Lions was when we ended in a tie a couple weeks ago.  We are going to start the game at the 3rd inning when there was apparently a controversial call at home plate.  We were ahead 8 to 2 (I think) and that's where we're going to start. ...Jeri Prielipp
Thurs. 7/7/05    7:00 KVT vs WSH @ Onekama We played West Shore  Hospital on July 7 at Onekama....but my old age is setting in and I can't remember if we won or not.  We then played Saturday July 9 in the (double elimination) tournament.  We beat WSH (don't remember the score) and then we had to play the winner of WSH and Lions/Eagles team....which was WSH.  We beat them by 2 runs (I think). ...Jeri
  Our girls won the league tournament this weekend (2nd year in a row).  We played West Shore Hospital on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. in Kaleva and won.  Then WSH played the Manistee Lions/Eagles (combined teams) and beat them so we had to play WSH again (double elimination tournament).  We won the second game 13 to 11 (I think....I'm not sure).  Duane Keith could give you the specifics.  ...Jeri


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