Middle School Faces

Hi, I'm Ricki. My age is 12; my birthday is February 10, 1992, which makes me an Aquarius. The holiday I like the most is Christmas; the reason I like Christmas is that I get to see my family. I really like football. I have two sisters, Mikelle and Keely. They are good little sisters. live in the country and have nine horses, two dogs, two cats, three peacocks, and two red-golden pheasants. My parents don't make me take care of everything.

My name is Ashley. I have brown eyes and blond hair. When I'm older my job focuses are artist, actress, designer or a marine biologist. I live with my mom, dad, brother Derek, and my golden retriever Max. I am 12 years old. A lot of times I'm know for being the only girl wakeboarder on Chief Lake. I'm also known for being the owner of Max. Some accomplishments I made this summer are: I did a 180degree on a wakeboard, a 360 backside switchoff (or whatever you call it) also on a wakeboard. I dropped in on a skateboard at the new Manistee Skate Park.

Hi! My name is Brandon, and I am 13. I have a brother and a sister and a mom and a dad. I have five dogs. I have a snowmobile and a dirt bike.

Hello, my name is Jordan. Money is good, but it can't really buy true happiness. That's why I play paintball; it makes me happy. Some interesting details about me are that I have a dent in my head and I play paintball. My goal include saving enough money to buy a FCP Xtream and maybe get smarter. I would also like to go pro in paintball.

My name is Haley Christine I have brownish-blonde hair and I have hazel-colored eyes. I am 5'3" tall. My favorite classes in school are Social Studies and Art. Some of my favorite sports are basketball and soccer. I have a dog named Mavis and I have four cats named, Tinkerbell, Bart, Simpson, and Momma Kitty. Some of my favorite animals are giraffes, monkeys, and tigers. My mom's name is Paula, my dad's name is Rod and my brother's name is Tucker. My hobbies are rollerblading, drawing, and reading. When I get older I want to be an actress or a pediatrition. October 6, 1992 was a big day for my famiy. This was the day I was born. I am 12 years old. There is a lot more about me, but way too much to mention.

Hello, my name is Gus. I like to spend my time making long trips to the refrigerator and vacations to the bathroom. I usually sit on the couch, but sometimes I'll take a risk and sit on the chair. My goals are to make the most comfortable couch ever, complete with massage, snack bar, and pop vendor (free pop.) My other goal is to make an island that has a skate park, paintball field, and theme park. I will name my island, "Surrounded by Water" Island. Thank you.

Hello, my name is Thomas. I am really an interesting person. I live in Onekama, Michigan, where all the special perfect people are from. I have quad, go-cart, motorized scooter, and a trampoline. Sports that I play are football, soccer, baseball, and basketball, with football being my favorite. My mom and dad are really nice. I think my sister is sometimes nice. My mom and dad support me in all my games, and school too. The things I do make my life interesting and exciting.

I'm Karl. My birthday is on March 31, 1992. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love to earn money. This year I'm 12, so I can hunt. I like to hunt and fish. I also like riding bakes and jumping on my trampoline.

My name is Katherine. I'm 12 years old and in the 7th grade at Onekama Middle School. I have green eyes and brown hair. Other than doing things with my family, my favorite thing to do is trail ride my pony, Blue. I like to be able to forget about everything and have fun. My family's pretty awesome too, though. My oldest sister Lauren is off at college in Chicago right now. My other sister, Sarah goes to Manistee High School, and my brother Nick and I go here at Onekama. I think it must be kind of hard for him to be the only boy in three girls My dad's a doctor and my mom's a nurse, and they're both really nice and friendly.

Paintball makes me happy. I also play air soft. I have a boat and two snowmobiles. I live on a giant hill. My first goal is to graduate. My second goal is to be sponsored to play in paintball tournaments. My last goal is to get into college. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I run cross country, play paintball and basketball. By Danny

Sports make me happy. My name is Jake and I play football, basketball, and baseball. I was born in Midland, Michigan. At the age of two I moved to Lansing, and finally moved here. My house is on Lake Michigan, and my cottage is on Chief Lake, where I water ski and wakeboard. I also enjoy paintball, hunting, fishing, golf, and school sports. My goals are to graduate from high school and then, college.

Hello, my name is Kevin. I play football, baseball, and I wrestle. My parents support me in whatever I want to do.I don't really like school but I do okay in it. Sometimes I don't do my homework, but I make up for it with tests.

My name is Eddie. I am 12 years old. I like playing sports of all kinds and video games. My favorite type of video games is racing ones. My favorite is, "Need for Speed," and "Hot Pursuit 2."

I have all different kinds of animals. They are a chinchilla (Chilly), two kittens (Bear and Rusty), a rabbit (Clover), and chickens.



My name is Cheyenne. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I have two cats, four rabbits, and two horses. I like them a lot.

My cats' names are Rafikki and Talice. My rabbits' names are,

Thumper, Baby Bun Buns, Cassey, and Zoe. My two horses' names are Billy and Bullet.

I have a big family; I can't even name everyone. But, I can name some of my cousins. They are Dawn, Josh, Eric, Ricki, Larry, Kailana, Jess, and Shane. There are a lot more, but these are the ones I see the most. We have a lot of fun.

My name is Sherece Revolt. I am 5'2" tall and I have brown hair and hazel eyes. My birthday is January 2, 1992. I am 12, turning 13.

I live with my mom and step dad. I have three cats, one dog, and one hamster. I am in 7th grade. School is okay; my favorite class is social studies. I also like health and PE.

Basketball is my hobby because I am good at it. The only reason I became good was from practicing a lot. My other hobby is reading. Those are some facts about me.

My name is Shyann. I have blonde hair and blue-green eyes. I was born on Oct-20-92, and I'm 11 years old. I have one dog, one cat, one rabbit, and three chickens. I have a "Hawaiian Resort" room, and I love to play basketball.

My favorite colors are blue and green. My favorite band is N'Sync and my favorite actor is Will Smith. I also like Shania Twain and my favorite movie is, "Bad Boys."

I have a sister who's 16. She drives. Her name is Krystal S. We had different dads when we were born, so we have different last names. But no matter what, she will always be my sister and I will always love her.

I lived through something amazing; it was the 2000th birthday of Jesus Christ. My name is Diamond. I was born in Munson Hospital. I am known for my height. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. A lot of people say I should play basketball, which I do!

I have a very big family, but only I, my mom, my dad, and my brother live in the same house. My dad was born in Wisconsin but he moved like every two years. One of the places he lived in was St. Johns. My mom was born in Manistee. She moved a lot, but stayed in the state of Michigan. My brother was born in Munson Hospital as well. We have only moved once since my brother and I have lived. First, we lived in our old house in Thompsonville, then after living there for twelve years, we moved here to Onekama.

My goal is to get a scholarship in basketball and become rich.


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