6th Grade Mystery Quest: December 3, 2004

Before we even started we were ready because for the past week we were practicing for Mystery Quest. When we finally got to the Distance Learning Room....IT DIDN'T WORK! NOOOOO!!! We were waiting like for two weeks and it didn't work. In about an hour --After the News reporter and Webmaster had gone...It worked. We got all of the countries right.... Logan P

In my group I had Mike M. Ashley M., Lauren, Maeve, and Paul. It took us 2 weeks to prepare the Mystery Quest. We used the laptops for informationa and our books for information too. The best part of Mystery Quest was watching other classes shair their answers with us. ...Todd C.

Mystery Quest was fun and exciting. After you left we were able to connect. After all the clues were read we went to www. CIA/gon to look for clues. In the end all of the schools including us got all the countries and cities. ...Michael S.

In my group we had Brook S., Cam, Ryan P. and Skyler, the new boy. Thank you for coming to see us. We all were very happy to see you again. Today was a difficult day this morning. We had to be very patient, and quiet. It was confusing and fustrating because we had to wit for an hour. But then we finally got connected. It was kind of hard because we could not hear them all the time and they could not hear us some time. ...Alexis H.

For some of the schools their audio was wack, sometimes they sounded like robots. It turned out that all the schools got all the answers right. We used laptops for the research. We also used our book The web site we used for the laptops was www.google.com. ...Michael M.

It was really fun and I really liked doing it. We got all the countries right. ...Jared M.

Mystery Quest was really fun, but the first thing we had to do was practice. First we had a sheet of paper with questions on it. We had to fill in the questions. It took us a few days. At the end of Mystery Quest which was when we did the real mystery quest we went to the media center to find out the other countries. First we could not get connected with the other schools. But after a wile we got connected. Our city was Esch and our country was Luxingburg. It was a good time. ...Zach D.

It tuck forever to get connected. It also tuck a lot of pashints. But when we were connected it was fun. We did not get any starts or cities wrong. ...Skyler

Dear Mrs. Eldridge, Thanks for coming to our program Mystery Quest. The minute you left we got connected and we were able to see and listen to what the other classes had to say. It was kind of hard to find it because my group only had two people and we skipped the answer once. I hope you like this letter. ...Shane D.

Dear Mrs. Eldridge,

Mystery Quest was a blast. Right after you left we got connected, but we still had some technicule difficulties. The amazing part is that we got every country and city right.


Paul C.

Today was Mystery Quest. I worked with Loganm Duane, Tomy, Ashley D, and Mary Jane (that's me) We had to study a lot to be prepared. It was really confusing in the beginning because we couldn't get connected. In the end it turned out really good. Our country was Esch Luxenbourg. ...Mary Jane

Dear Mrs. Eldridge, Thank you for coming to Mystery Quest. I hope that you liked taking the pictures of us. I liked seeing the other schools. ...Ashley D.

But the best part was when we got to see the other schools. And we had also got all of the countries right. ...Jessie M.

Dear Mrs. Eldridge, We conected after you left. It was fun seeing the other schools. Thank you for coming and watching. My favorite part was when we found out the right answers. We got to talk to the other classes. We got them all right. ...Brooke S.

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