Onekama's Sixth Grade Team
Defeats Brethren
January 10, 2004

The Boys have some beautiful young girls cheering them on at the 5th and 6th games. They are sixth graders Katlyn McPherson, Kailani Buckner, Anja Grommons, Katie Prielipp, Katherine Schmoke, and fifth graders Brooke Ann. Ashley and Malana.

They are coached by Jackie Grommons

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Waiting for a chance ....

Members of this year team are Chase Callaway,Thomas Koon,Gus Lagerquist,Jonathon Nesburg, Karl Hoadley, Ryan Clouse, David Comstock,Alex Block,Joe Kosiboski,Jake Matthews, Danny Brown, Jordon Zupin, Brandon Blattner, Edward Kochick and Cody Reed.

Coaches: Mr. Thomas Koon and Steve Kosiboski.

Reporter: Dennis Zupin / Photographs: Jeri Prielipp