Seventh Grade Sidewalk Poets

She's the bright light in a dark room.
She's the wanna-be-witch, running around on a broom.
She's the bright pink flower, hoping for all the power,
Running around in circles, hour after hour.She's a bouncy ball
Who stands out from them all.
She's the always-smiling face,
Even when she loses a race.
She's my best friend,
And she'll shine 'till the end!

-- Paige Rutowski


It was mid-day.
I walked to the middle
of the dust-stricken aisle
to find my opponent
ready and wild.

His face looked crusty
his clothes were quite musty.
His hands lurched downward
toward his weapon of choice,
which were two bright revolvers
Colt Navy, of course.

Drool lingered off his lips,
as it did my dumb dog;
Pimples covered his face
like a deranged man-frog.

My hands slowly dropped
to my very own guns
Ready to shoot down
this over-grown grunt.

As quick as the wind,
I drew and fired
at the sound of the Noon Bell.
As he fell down,
pistols in my holster,
blood spraying out,
My job was done.

-- Nick Pokorzynski

Seventh graders enjoyed the warm weather as they copied their original poetry on the sidewalks around the school.  The sidewalk poetry was the culmination of our class poetry unit (in which we studied the poetry of Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, and many others, and wrote poems of our own) and a celebration of April, which is National Poetry Month! ...Mrs. McCarthy

I see I'm not alone
from the whispers
I hear high above.
I wrestle to my feet
to peek all around.
A man walking --

so quiet like an ocean,
waves when the wind
blows down.
Maybe an image
or dream
But I've known what
I've seen as he slips
through the woods as
a midnight tease

-- Stacey Keith

Seventh Grade sidewalk poets create in front of the Onekama School

Middle School 2003-2004

May 2004