LEO Club Kids:
Helping the Community

The Leo Club is an International Service Organization sponsored by the Lions Club. There are 134 countries participating. Club members donate their time, talent and caring hearts to help children, the elderly and the less fortunate working together to make the world a better place for all. The leo Club is made up of students from fifth through twelfth grade. On Tuesday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:00, students meet to work on various service projects.

Leo Club officers are: Ashley Zupin, President; Chelsea Miller,Vice President; Brenna Miller, Secretary. The advisor is Ms. Chris Wasserman.

Projects this 2002-2003 school year have included: cleaning up the petunia beds, packaging items for servicemen, assembling education kits for Afghanistan children, baking cupcakes for The Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving dinner, making Christmas ornaments for the Meals on Wheels program for the senior center, making Christmas cookies for the service organizations as a thank you and many other projects. ... Ms. Chris Wasserman.

I love being in the Leo Club. I love serving the community. Community service is like helping your town to be better. ... Brenna

Community service means to do things in your community. It makes me feel good to do volunteer work. I am in Leo Club because I like to do Volunteer work. In Leo Club we can make a difference. ...Joe F.

Community service to me is helping elderly people and helping people when they need help. I am a leo club member because I love to help people. It makes me feel good about myself. ...Haley

I am a leo club member because I like to help the community. I like to help people so they can feel good like I do. ...Jordon

Community servise to me is very fun and helpful. It helps me to be a better person because I help others. I like Leo Club because it's fun and your doing lots of things for others. ...Katie

Community service is very important to me. I love making a difference in my country. I feel really happy when I find out how I can help. I think that helping is fun. I like doing service work and my goal is 100 hours of service. ...Chelsea

I feel good when I help peopel because they need help. I am a leo club member because I like helping I feel like I can do more. I like helping. Why? I just do it. You can help us help our community by doing service and being a pherlantherpus. ...Alex W.

Community service to me is helping people in their time of need. I'm a leo club member because I like to help people so I can feel good about myself and not get paid either. ...Dan