Construction of raised bed began in the Children's Garden during the month of May. Many hands helped to get the project underway. Several of Mr. Lamm's Shop students applied measuring, cutting, and problem solving skills they acquired throughout the school year. Their expertise and talent was greatly appreciated.
cg5MarkKim.jpg (62696 bytes) Students worked under the guidance of garden layout and construction supervisors: Mr. Mark Bolthouse and Mrs. Kim Lagerquist
cg9.jpg (61216 bytes) Ben, Travis, and Emily work together to secure cedar timbers with rebar.
cg6.jpg (63224 bytes) Lee holds rebar while David cuts it to the desired length.
cg3.jpg (61760 bytes) Mrs. Lagerquist, Mr. Bolthouse, and Travis work on the layout of the garden beds.
cg17.jpg (63712 bytes) Brandon and Stacey from Miss Bishop's class came out to shovel pea gravel into the wheelbarrow to put in  the bottom of the raised beds.
cg151.jpg (62168 bytes) Brandon dumps pea gravel into one of the beds for drainage.
cg14.jpg (62676 bytes) Christine and Chad from Miss Bishop's class shovel topsoil. It's amazing how many loads of soil these energetic students can move in 15 minutes.
cg28.jpg (63284 bytes) Ben and Dan shovel topsoil.
cg32.jpg (59548 bytes) Nathan shows his strength wheeling topsoil to one of the raised beds.
cg27.jpg (59828 bytes) Jeremy directs while Nathan dumps a load of topsoil.
31a.JPG (41420 bytes)

Dan dumps a load of topsoil while Lee shovels soil into the corners of the raised beds.

cg30.jpg (63044 bytes) Jeremy rakes topsoil level.
cg23.jpg (61360 bytes) Lee makes sure that there is four inches of topsoil in this bed.
Mrs. Bolthouse.JPG (21679 bytes) Mrs. Barbara Bolthouse is readying her wheelbarrow for another load of gravel and topsoil.