The purpose of the Baby Think It Over Program is to help students realize the responsibilities of parenthood. Each eighth grade student (with parent consent) spends three days and two nights with an electronic baby that needs to be cared for. Students bring the baby to school, practices, and home with them and care for it at all times.

This program is being initiated at the middle school level because it is during these formative years that students begin to make life-changing decisions. Onekama Middle School teachers feel that this program is directly related to the objectives of our Advisory program: teaching students to make positive decisions, recognizing that all choices have consequences, and accepting responsibility for their actions. Respect for another human being and learning responsibility for the care of an infant are the aims of the Baby Think It Over program.

Lisa Morley, director of Castles and Kites child care, met with the eighth grade to discuss how to properly use the dolls and the needs of infants. Each student is given an instructional video with the baby and a student handbook. The handbook contains a pre-test, post-test, and contact log. Students will receive a grade of “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory” at the end of the three days. A Satisfactory rating will be given to all students who complete the handbook and whose baby does not register “neglected.”

The Baby Think It Over program is both challenging and eye-opening. Take a look at our eighth grade students as they discover the responsibilities of parenthood!

Andrea shows off her "baby."


Sarah demonstrates responsibility as she cares for her infant. >>>

Mrs. Lisa Morley, director of Castles and Kites Child Care Center, made a presentation to eighth grade students about caring for infants and the responsibilities of a parent or child care provider.

Luke listens carefully during Mrs. Morley's presentation