Chicago, At Last!

I really enjoyed taking the 8th grade to Chicago. The Middle School staff planned this trip to support the academic curriculum of the upcoming school year. The School Board approved our plans and supported our efforts to raise money for the trip. As the 8th grade advisor, I have to honestly say that there were times when it was a challenge to motivate everyone to participate in the fundraising, but we all succeeded in accomplishing our goals to go to Chicago. Now that the 8th grade has experienced such a wonderful learning experience, they are now sharing their joys and inspiration with other middle school students. We are looking forward to taking next years 8th grade on another delightful, fun-filled and exciting trip. --Mrs. Michele Warman

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Chicago was a really good learning experience. I learned about the Hancock Building; like how it is 100 stories. The aquarium was really exciting and neat to explore. The scavenger hunt made me think. It was fun.--Sarah Acker

I liked the Field Museum. I like the dinosaur bones and I like the Egyptian exhibit. --Mike Coryell

My experience at Chicago was very fun. I liked visiting the Field Museum and Shedds Aquarium. We got to see a lot of interesting things that I never though I would see. --Ashley Brandis

I liked Chicago because of the Field Museum which was really cool! I got to see the two lions that killed 145 people. Those two lions were the inspiration of the movie Ghost in the Darkness. I also really liked Six Flags because of the roller coasters. The John Hancock building was fun too. I got a picture that looked like I was washing windows on the 94th floor! Chicago was great! --Jackson Carter

I had a lot of fun at the hotel. My friends and I had an excellent time in the pool. Thanks! It was so much fun and these photographs show that. --Dustin Thomas

I had a good time in Chicago. It was fun to hand out with my friends. I liked going to the big city. It was a lot different than Onekama. --Luke Allen

The Chicago trip was so much fun. Our class had a blast from the excitement of Shedds Aquarium to the high flights of Six Flags. Even the bus was fun with all the luxury. --Josh Vertalka

Finally, food at the Navy Pier.

8th Grade Chicago Trip
May 2001

Kayla love the sea critters.
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I really enjoyed our trip to Chicago. I really liked Six Flags and Shedds Aquarium the best. It was a wonderful experience. --Ashley Zupin

Jackson won't get lost. He found the map.

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I can't believe that Mrs. Warman Caught one of my few hours of sleep. I was just so tired that morning, I couldn't help it. I was actually quiet for once!--Ricky Cederholm

Meet us at the Pool

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