New Cafeteria Open: April 2010

Today we got a tour of the new school, and l it is so cool. There's a new cafeteria, a new gym, a new daycare room, a new high school entrance, a new art room, a new music room, and new bathrooms. In the gym there's a walking track. There's a stage in the cafeteria. There are a lot of new things. Our cafeteria has circle tables. The gym is HUGE! We have better food this year! I love the new addition!!  Emilee M.

Today we got a tour of the new addition!! My class was the first class to go in the new art room!!  When we were done with art we got to take a lap a

on the walk track. It was huge!! It was above the gym!! When we came down stairs we got to go in the gym! The gym was huge!! The cafetorium ( we get three choices 1. is what's for lunch 2. is pb&j and soup and salad bar. ) I got to see it before it was done and it ended up awesome!! Its very big too!!  ~Carlee P.  Serving Onekama School Since 1997