OHS Offers Senior Etiquette Program

Each year, the senior class of Onekama High School takes part in a special course designed to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. The culmination of the etiquette class is a fine dining experience, in which students get the opportunity to put in action the lessons they have learned.

The course is taught by Beth McCarthy, who is a former superintendent at Onekama Consolidated Schools and an active volunteer in the community. The classes covered topics including first impressions, gracious guest practices, communication techniques, social awareness, and appropriate manners in daily living.  Other subjects addressed during the sessions included the art of the "thank you" (through word, written notes, hostess gifts, etc.), interviewing skills, and confidence building exercises.

“The purpose of the presentations was to reinforce the lessons that the students have been taught by their parents and teachers,” explained McCarthy.  “Our focus was ‘Life After School.’ Life experiences can sometimes be overwhelming.  My goal was to support the students by giving them the skills necessary to be socially confident and, ultimately, to be prepared for success.”

This year, the fine dining experience took place at the Glenwood Restaurant in Onekama. “Donna Ervin and her staff did an excellent job preparing a nice meal for us,” commented Onekama teacher Nicole Torrey, who helped to coordinate the etiquette program.

Although learning manners isn’t always a thrilling experience for teenagers, the Onekama students had nothing but praise for the classes and meal.  

“I really liked having Mrs. McCarthy come teach us about how to be polite and use proper etiquette,” said student Emalee Schultz.  “It was a good experience and I hope to be able to learn more from her in the future.”

Added exchange student Jessica Roider, “The brunch was a great experience.  I think manners are important and it is something we will really need to know in our life.”

Beth McCarthy leads a discussion on etiquette with the senior class of Onekama High School.

Amy Kmiecik (white sweater), Mikayla Sandberg, 
Sarah Macpherson, Emalee Schultz


Coco Wang, (left) Martina Karlsdotter,
and Jessica Roider

The Class of 2013 in front of the Glenwood Restaurant in Onekama.