Portagers Go Pink: Onekama Students & Community raise $2,150
for WSMC Equipment

Posted by Dave Yarnell  /Manistee News Advocate


ONEKAMA — All of the students at Onekama Consolidated Schools gathered together Friday with one objective — to save some lives.

They donned 360 pink T-shirts they had purchased for $6 each, formed a big pink ribbon in the gymnasium, and cheered as Emily Barnard, student council president, handed a check for $2,150 to Beth McCarthy, representing the West Shore Healthcare Foundation. This year West Shore Medical Center’s foundation is using funds contributed through “pink” campaigns to boost the hospital’s PET scan technology, advanced imaging used in the assessment of cancer.

It was the third annual “Portagers Go Pink” event. The first raised about $500 and $2,200 was raised last year.

“We have been raising a lot of money for breast cancer awareness that will go directly to a fund in our community,” Barnard said to the student body as she presented the check. “We would like to thank our community for all its support — the list of donors is on the back of the shirts — and thank all the students for their support as well and the teachers and families.”

“What a huge success,” McCarthy said. “This is a lot of money you’ve raised and it will go a long way to help people in our community take care of themselves and be able to have the tests that they need. Congratulations. Clap for yourselves.”

Nancy Day and Julie Raymond, the organizers of Manistee’s Paint the Town Pink, were also on hand.

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen this much pink in one room,” Day said. “We want to celebrate you and what you’ve done to help so many people in our county.”

Day then led the students in a stadium-like wave around the giant pink ribbon.

“One, two, three, Go Pink,” Day yelled. “You guys rock. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done. Thank you very much.”

After the ceremony, all of the students walked several blocks around the school.

Onekama students formed this giant pink ribbon. (Dave Yarnell/News Advocate)

Participating in the presentation of the $2,150 check to the West Shore Healthcare Foundation were, from the left, Julie Raymond, one of the “Crazy Ladies in Pink” who organize Manistee’s Paint the Town Pink; Emily Barnard, president of Onekama High School’s student council; Beth McCarthy and Kathy Ervin of the West Shore Healthcare Foundation; Kelly Koon, student council vice president; and Nancy Day, the other “Crazy Lady in Pink.” (Dave Yarnell/News Advocate)

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