Processional:  In Which the 2012 Graduates March in to the Ceremony

Kyle & Austin

Gabriella & Kathleen

Erin & Jaylee

Katelynn & Tyler

Randall & Cody

Madalyn & Mariah

Chance & Mikayla

Daniel & Tanner

Truman & Sean

Jennica & Rubee

Nolan & Ryan

Brandon & Lindsay

Dalton & Nicholas

Chad and Emily

Nicole & Andrew

Danielle & Alex

Dylan & Cordell

Formal Class Photo

Kelly and Quinn

Jessa & Brandon

Processional: Led by the School Board, Administration & Faculty
(Sorry, but I put them on the end of the page)

School Board: Mr. Zupin, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Acton, Mr. Domres, Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Mathieu, Mrs. Koon

Administration: Mrs. Hagen, Mr. Hughes,
Mr. Peabody

Mr. McKenney & Mrs. Catanese

Mr. Bromley, Ms. Gilbert, Mr. McKenney,
Mrs. Catanese

Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Baldner, Mrs. Bromley,
Mrs. Brown,  Mrs. Adams

Ms. Woolman, Mrs. Blevins, Mrs. Torrey,
Mrs. Kohlmainen, Mr. Story, Mr. Burtch,
Mr. Neph, Mr. Mauntler

Mr. Burtch, Mr. Storey, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Mauntler, Mr. Neph

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