The Clay Speaker

In art class we are doing a unit on clay and ceramics. Last week we had a speaker in art class to talk to us about this unit. Schyler Binks, a professional potter, came to talk to us about how to throw on the wheel. He has his own studio in Manistee and makes pottery for a living. He showed us how to create many different things; from a bowl to a vase.

He even left one of his pieces for us to keep. He first starts out by making a cylinder and then from there he can create many of the things he creates. He told us that there are four basic steps to using the wheel: center, enter, ___, throw. He starts off with a sphere of clay and then smacks on the wheel to try to make it center. From there he starts to create his piece. He makes it look so easy!
~Lauren Merriman
Onekama's Main Art Page March 2013

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