Snowcoming Week: February 22-26, 2011
Theme: Musical Artists

Class Artists:

  • Seniors:  MJ

  • Juniors:  Kesha

  • Sophomores: Lady Gaga

  • Freshman:  Eminem

Poster Contest:

This year we encourage 9-12 to make a spirit poster to hang up in the gym.  
Spirit Photos

Hall Decorating:

Decorating will begin Thursday, February 17th Hall Photos

Spirit Week Days:

*HS Dance*

  • When: February 26th  

  • Where:  Media Center

  • HS Dance

*MS Dance*

Pep Assembly:

The pep assembly will be held on Thursday, February 24th from 9:48-10:39. 

Day on the hill:

We are setting aside classrooms set for movies, snacks, games and study hall. 

Afternoon activities:

On Friday from 1:18-3:03. Students may select from a game room, Wii room, a movie , etc.

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