Life Lessons

English, economics, pre-calculus…manners?

The Senior class of Onekama High School had an interesting course line-up this quarter. In addition to their traditional classes, the Seniors participated in a four-session etiquette class designed to help them better navigate the world outside their classroom.

The course, taught by former Onekama teacher, principal, and superintendent Beth McCarthy, covered topics including first impressions, gracious guest practices, important communication techniques, social awareness and appropriate manners in daily living.

“The purpose of the presentations was to reinforce the lessons that the students have been taught by their parents and teachers,” explained McCarthy. “Our focus was Life After School. Sometimes life experiences can be overwhelming. My goal was to give the Seniors the skills necessary to be socially confident and ultimately to be prepared for success.”

The classes culminated in a unique practicum: a fine dining experience at the restaurant at Arcadia Bluffs. Students were treated to a complimentary breakfast at Arcadia Bluffs, thanks to Bill Shriver, Chief Operating Officer; Scott VerStrat, Director of Food and Beverage; and Ashley Sholl, Director of Lodge Operations.

Beth McCarthy & students
at Arcadia Bluffs

The students took away more from the experience than full stomachs.

“I really enjoyed learning how to do things that are considered to be courteous, and some of them I had no idea they would even be considered courteous,” commented Onekama Senior Ashley DoRooy. “The brunch was great because we learned how to have good manners while eating, and we got the chance to eat good food at the same time.”

Added Senior Taylor Hagen: “It was kind of Mrs. McCarthy to take the time and share these lessons with us. I’m certain that the tips she shared with us will help us with college, job interviews, relationships, and even in the way we present ourselves to the world.”

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