Local Girl Scouts Participate at Honor
Scouts on Mackinac Island

Three Manistee County Scouts were selected to take part in the Mackinac Island Honor Girl Scouts during the past summer. Onekama’s Emily Barnard and Kaylan Fitch and Bear Lake’s Sarah Hilliard were all part of the group. They took part in a variety of activities on the island including many flag raising ceremonies.

By Emily Barnard

ONEKAMA – Three local teens were selected to take part in Mackinac Island Honor Scouts (MIHS), a Girl Scout service troop, this summer.

The girls spent a week on Mackinac Island, with about sixty other girls from the west coast of Michigan, serving as Governor Granholm’s Honor Guard. They stayed in the scout barracks behind Fort Mackinac.

 “It’s like a big family,” said Emily Barnard, a first year scout and sophomore at Onekama High School. " It was a lot of work but it was a rewarding experience."

During the day, they were posted at various locations throughout the fort, as well as the historical buildings downtown. They provided historical information, directions, and helped with daily flag ceremonies. Sarah Hilliard, a senior at Bear Lake High School and a five-year member of the troop, said, “I have learned so much being an MIHS scout. It is probably one of the best experiences of my life.”  Also participating in the event from this area was Kaylan Fitch, a first year Honor Scout from Onekama High School.

From Manistee News Advocate
Published September 2010