Onekama NHS Students Lend a Hand

When Onekama High School’s National Honor Society received a call from FiveCAP of Manistee asking them to help sort donations for Toys for Tots, they answered with an enthusiastic and unhesitant YES.

The Onekama NHS students volunteered their time on December 14 to help with this important cause. They helped to unload toys and set them up according to age group.

"I felt so great helping all of those kids and teens. You know, some people can't afford baby clothes, so we had some of those, too. And we had a lot of little boy Hot Wheels toys, and it was just so great. I felt like a real Samaritan in that moment," commented Onekama student Madalyn Harvey.

Added Danielle Ward, “I had a great time, and it really surprised me how many gifts were donated. It makes me happy to know our community cares so much.”

Witnessing this level of concern for others and participating in their own acts of caring may be the most important gifts the students of Onekama High School’s National Honor Society experience this holiday season.

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