Rex Toelle




Basic wood shop (1styr) is an exploratory course of study designed to give the student a broad variety of experiences, information and knowledge in the field of industrial wood technology with an understanding of wood working construction.  Hands on approach will enable the student to perform layout and fabrication of a project through the use of various hand and power operated equipment. A plan, bill of materials and a production schedule will support the project. (Prerequisite None)


Advance wood shop (2nd yr) is an independent course of study designed to explore cabinet making. The class will be a self directed course of study involving the use of advance cabinet techniques. The instructor will serve to assist in the planning and fabrication of the project. An outline including a plan, bill of materials list and a production schedule will be required. (Prerequisite 1st yr)


Advance wood shop (3rd / 4th yr) is an independent course directed toward the student who wishes to explore other areas not covered in the first or second year.

An outline including a plan, bill of material and a production schedule will be required     




The OHS wood shop will require that all students wear ANSI rate safety glasses. Student with prescription glasses will either wear goggles or safety glasses rated to fit over the prescription glasses. Safety glass can be purchased for $3.00 or the school will provide glasses. The student will be responsible for the replacement cost for OHS safety glasses lost or damaged. If a student misuses or intentionally causes damage to a tool or equipment, the student may be held accountable for its repair or replacement. The student will be required to purchase all materials needed to complete the project. OHS lumber cost will need to be paid for on a need basis. The cost of supplies for fabrication and finish can be added to the final bill. If student brings in his own lumber or supplies for construction and finish it will be note on the bill of materials list The shop will provide all the necessary tools and equipment to complete the project. If the student bill is not paid for by the end of the school year, the student will receive a no credit (NC) for the course until the matter is settled. Remember the number of task or the difficulty of a project is not relevant to it size.



      Lecture, demonstration of lumber and quiz/worksheets:

1.     Introduction to botany of tree growth, structure and harvest.

2.     Wood identification, some hard and soft specie.

3.     Lumber grading and pricing.

        Lecture, demonstration and safety test:

1.     Surface planer

2.     Jointer

3.     Circular Saw

4.     Miter Saw

5.     Band Saw/Jigsaw

6.     Drill Press

7.     Shaper/Router

8.     Competency power tool exercise


           Fabrication lecture, demonstration and quizzes:

1.     Wood Joints

2.     Fasteners, adhesives and clamps

3.     Sanders, grade and type paper

4.     Wood finishing



   Percentage may vary, depending on what information is covered each 9 week                                          

   grading period.

         70% Project

         30%  Competence  Exercises


                   Safety Test

                       Safety is a mastery skill and leaves little margin for error. All safety

                       test that do not obtain 100% will need to be taken over. All questions

                        missed on the second test will need to be written out with the correct                                   

                       answer. Safety test can be taken as many times as the student wishes

                        for the full credit (100%). All tests will be filed with the instructor.