Got blood?

This was the question on the minds of not just costumed vampires this Halloween, but also the National Honor Society students at Onekama High School. On Friday, October 29, the Onekama NHS hosted a blood drive at the school.

Prior to the drive, a representative from Michigan Blood came to the school and talked to those old enough to donate about the process and rewards of donating blood. Onekama students, teachers, and community members were quick to answer the call to action.

OHS students Lauren Pokorzynski, Taylor Hagen, Ashley DeRooy, and Paul Cunningham participated in last Friday’s blood drive.

There were also a significant number of first-time donors. “Being a new donor for the blood drive, I was not sure what to expect. However, I know that giving one pint of my blood will save three lives, and that was enough for me to endure the unexpected,” explained Onekama High School Senior Lauren Pokorzynski.

“As the president of the National Honor Society, and through planning our blood drive, I learned so much about a blood drive and how young adults, ages 17-24, have the healthiest, purest blood, and how our blood is transferred to our own community hospitals,” continued Pokorzynksi. “We could save the lives of our neighbor, or our friend across town.”

Onekama teacher and NHS supervisor Nikki Torrey emphasized the role of the students in preparing for and organizing the blood drive. “Membership to the National Honor Society is not based strictly upon a student's academic achievement. It is also based upon a student’s performance in the areas of service, leadership, and character. Through their careful preparation for and execution of the blood drive – and other NHS-sponsored activities – these students demonstrate good citizenship, as they are compassionate and dedicated members of their school community and the community at large.”

Added Torrey, “I am proud of the students and their accomplishments.”

The students, it appears, are proud of themselves, too. Said Pokorzynski, “Donating blood is something I’m going to take pride in for the rest of my life.”

Onekama High School