Onekama Fifth Grade Band Spring Concert 2010

The concert was awesome! At first I was scared but then I was fine after the first song. We played Go Tell Bill, Old Blue, Frere Jcques, The Premier March, and the clarinets played Ode To Joy. Everybody had a good time. My mom was so proud of me! She said that we were so good. The clarinets got to play in the middle row. I sat by Makayla and Brooke. I stayed to watch the middle school play but then we had to leave. And the next day, Mrs. Joseph gave the people who went to the concert a piece of candy. And that is why we had such a good time. ~Alexis

      On May 18th part of fifth grade had a band concert. I played the saxophone at the concert. I got to do a solo. The song was Amazing Grace.  I played Amazing Grace for Mr. Foster since he passed away. The songs we had to play was old blue, frejacues, go tell bill, premire march. I had a fun time playing with my friends.
~Taler B.

The band concert was so much fun. When I saw the amount of people on the bleachers  I got huge stage fright. After our  first song, go tell bill, I noticed that there was nothing to be scared of. Then we were done with the song and got a big applause from the audience. and then we played old blue. we played a bunch of other songs like frere jacques which is French for are you sleeping? Clarinets played a solo called ode to joy. For the grand finalle we played the premier march.  it was so much fun.

Our school had a band concert. The 4th graders played recorders. They played 1st. After that we, the 5th graders, played. Only four 5th grade boys came! I played percussion with Tighe and Jacob. We played Old Blue, Go Tell Bill, and a few others. when we were done playing the middle school performed. Then the high school band. The concert ended after that. I had a good time there. ~Jarrod

The band concert was fun. I had an awesome time. We had the band concert on May 18, 2010. We played a lot of songs for the concert. The band concert was really fun and the middle school and high school were really good. ~McKayla

On Tuesday May 18th we had a band concert. Only half of us came. It lasted a little over an hour. I played trombone and percussion. I had fun at the band concert. The middle school and high school played too. ~Tighe

Yesterday the 5th grade had a band concert. Our whole class played the songs Go Tell Bill, Old Blue, Frere Jacques, and the Premier March. I played a soli for Old Blue with Kassidy, Alexis, and Taler. All of the instruments except the trombones played a song by just their instruments. Kassidy, Michele, and Kelly (trumpets) played Erie Canal Capers, Grace (French horn) played This Old Man, Brooke, Alexis, MaKayla S., Kassie, and Ashlee (clarinets) played Ode To Joy, Taler (saxophone) played Amazing Grace, and McKayla H. and I (flutes) played Kum Ba Yah. When Taler played Amazing Grace, she dedicated it to Mr. Foster. Our band concert was a lot of fun. ~Kiara


Yesterday on 5-18-10 we had a band concert. We played six songs. The songs are Go Tell Bell, FRERE JACQUES, Old Blue, and Premier March. My group played Ode to Joy. I love the song Ode to Joy. The band concert was so much fun. ~Kassie Serving Onekama School since 1997