The Onekama Music Department Presents
The Fifth Grade
Holiday Band Concert

Last night was fun.  I got all dressed up in my Christmas dress, and went to the school.  When I got to the school, I took my instrument out and took a picture with my class.  My heart was pounding with fear, but when we started to play it got better.  I sat down with my family when I was done.  I listened to the other bands play and then went home. ~Brooke

Yesterday the 5th through 12th grades had a band concert. I played the flute. We played Hot Cross Buns, Down By the Station, Merrily We Roll Along, Lightly Row, and Jingle Bells. Mercedes and I played a duet for Lightly Row. It sounded beautiful. After we were done playing, the middle and high school band played. After they were done, I got my stuff and left. The band concert was lots of fun. ~Kiara

On December 16, 2009  Mrs. Bromley's  fifth grade class had their first band concert. The concert was really fun. I played the cornet Also I was really nervous. We played "Jingle Bells", Merrily We Roll Along, Hot Cross Buns, and Lightly Row. Almost everybody was there from our class. I wore a black and white polka dot dress and black ballet flats. I thought the band concert was fun. ~Kelly

On December 17 the fifth grade had a band concert. I play the percussion. The first song was Hot Cross Buns. I stayed for the whole thing. The band concert was very fun. ~Jacob

On December sixteenth we played in the band concert. I play the flute. The concert was great. We played Jingle Bells, Hot Coss Buns, Merrily We Roll Along and Lightly Row. ~McKayla

           On 12-16-09 the 5th grade had a band concert. it was freaky. i played the clarinet. During the song i squeaked a couple times. i wore a black dress. The songs we played were hot cross buns, down by the station, and jingle bells. Some people played lightly row but i was too afraid. The concert was fun.

On 12/17/09 the band concert was cool We play before the concert. My mom was trying to take pictures. It was fun. ~Matt

Yesterday the 5th grade had a band concert. The instrument i played was the clarinet. The clarinet is a woodwind instrument. the songs we played we hot cross buns, merrily we roll along.  That was my night yesterday. ~Makayla

Last night we had a band concert. It was fun. We played Jingle Bells, Hot Cross Buns and Down By the Station. It was from seven o'clock to eight o'clock. I really liked it. ~Mark

Yesterday night I had a concert. It was very fun! We played five songs. One was Jingle Bells. The other ones were Hot Cross. Also the other one was Down By the Station. The last one I forgot. I had a good time at the concert.  ~Kassidy

The music concert was fun because it was my first time to do a concert. I think I did good. My mom and dad said i did good too. My brother yelled at me. 5th and 6th and high school played. ~Ashlee

Last night was great. We had a band concert. I play the French horn so does  Lauryn. We were missing several people. Our band teacher is Mrs. Joseph. I wore a zebra dress. Last night rocked. ~Grace


            On December 16th we had a music concert.  I was playing the Alto Saxophone. The 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and the high school played a part in the concert. Our class (5th grade) played Jingle Bells, Hot Cross Buns, Merrily we roll along, Down by the station, and Lightly row. I had a fun time at the music concert. ~ Taler B. Serving Onekama School since 1997