WSCC High School Regional Art Show
Computer Manipulation

Jaylee Brown
First Place

My piece is called, "I see the Dream". It is about a girl who is lost in a nightmare, being tormented by everything she sees. ~Jaylee

Computer Manipulations

Zack Dutton
2nd Place

In my Photoshop "All seemed right with the world" nothing is normal. There is a golfer with a cat's face, a storm trooper and raining Mountain Dew cans. Nothing is right in this world. ~Zack

Mixed Media

Louise Somerville
2nd Place

This one started with my cat and progressed as I looked through an art book and the posters in my room. I used lots of different media like pencil, india ink pens & oil pastels. It doesn't have a specific theme. It is just in the order of things I thought about or saw. It is doodling. ~Louise

 Two Drawings
by Louise Somerville

My drawing titled Avacado is a wrapped animal drawing. I wrapped it in a sort of basket type of thing. I think it looks a bit disturbing like it is trapped.

This drawing titled Blind is a surreal drawing. The woman is turning away from the destruction that is going on behind her (even though the large rainbow colored mushroom cloud doesn't look very destructive.) It is supposed to be symbolic about how people turn away from things they don't want to see even if they should pay attention and care. ~Louise

"This drawing of mine titled "B-Line Rain", really took a lot of work from me and I really wanted to make this one my best. I don't know how many times I asked Ms Woolman what to do to make it look better, I was afraid she'd finally get annoyed! But so far this is my favorite piece though using pure pencil and shading isn't really my thing. Isn't the rainbow eye pretty though and the fluffyness of the cloud?

Nichole Slater


Kailani Buckner

This painting took me a few months to complete, and I'm really proud of it. Even though I didn't win an award, I had fun in the process" ~Kailani


Kailani Buckner

Kailani stands next to her watercolor painting entitled "Through the Curtain" at the West Shore Community College Regional Art Competition.


Left: A work entitled "Danger, Danger High Voltage" by Haley Valley-Laws. This negative space watercolor was entered in the West Shore Community College Regional Art Competition under the painting category.

Right: Next to it is a work entitled "Prototype" by Kailani Buckner. " I really like this painting because of the reversal of negative space and positive space. The positive space branches out to form the face in the top, left corner"




Katlyn MacPherson





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