Classroom and Course Expectations Middle School Art


Course Description

Middle School Art is designed to continue the experiences in art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics which began at the elementary level and are enhanced with this course.  Students work in a studio setting where they have the opportunity for more sustained and sophisticated experiences in art than has been possible thus far.  Students will work with a variety of media and materials within a conceptual framework based on the elements of art and the principles of design.


Art Production

Students will work in media such as pencil, pen and ink, charcoal or pastels, marker, mixed media, watercolor, tempera or acrylic, clay, fibers and found objects.  Students will work in both two and three dimensions.  The appropriate vocabulary and terminology of art will be incorporated in the dialog between students and teacher in presentations, discussions, and critiques.


Course work may include:


Drawing           in charcoal, pencil or pastel.  Scientific perspective, shading for volume, and two point perspective may be covered.


Painting           in watercolor, tempera or acrylic. 


Printmaking     creating a work whereby an image can be reproduced through linoleum or soft cut.


Ceramics         creating a functional or non-functional piece from clay.


Sculpture         construction of an object from materials using an additive or subtractive process.


Computer        Photoshop program may be taught to create photomontages.


Optional:  As time and budget permits, students will work in fibers or mixed media.  Processes such as weaving, soft sculpture, basketry, wire, and assemblage are among those that are appropriate for the curriculum.

Grading Guidelines

Grades for this course will be determined by. . .


  1. Process folio * (see back page for more on this) equals 70% of grade
  2. Participation ** equals 30% of grade


Attendance Policy

It is important for students to be present for each and every class.  Please try to schedule doctor/dentist appointments before or after school.  It is very difficult for a student to remain in a positive frame of mind when there is an overabundance of work to make up.  Plan on attending class for a minimum of 80% of the time.


* Students will get feedback on their work in the form of peer critiques, peer rubrics, learning logs, checklists, teacher observation, self evaluations, and trial and error results.


** Students may not opt out of an activity they don’t like. This means that although there may be a choice in the types of art-making available, one choice not available is inactivity.


Process folio

A simple “process folio” will be kept by each student.  This might consist of a huge envelope box that is filled with artwork and other items of inspiration.  This will create a better, more accountable link between what work activities are required and what’s being produced.  I will allow students time to browse their portfolio, reflect on progress, and reset goals.  You will be graded more on the art process than the art product.


Students may obtain their grades through the issuing of Friday grade reports, progress reports and report cards.


Behavior Guidelines


All students are expected to demonstrate proper citizenship as indicated in the student handbook.  The items listed here are specific to this class and teacher.

1.  Begin working upon entering the classroom.  Never ask to leave the room until after attendance has been taken.

2.  Be respectful of art supplies and equipment.

3.  Show respect for others by speaking politely to them.

4.  No loud or excessive noise/talking or calling across the room.

5.  Clean up after yourself and do your general cleanup on your assigned day.

6.  Stay in your seat until after the bell rings and I dismiss you. 



I will be available for assistance by appointment.  I can be contacted via e-mail:


Students:  I have read these expectations and understand them.  I will honor the guidelines while in the Art room.

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Parents:  My student has discussed the art expectations and guidelines with me.  I understand them and will support them.


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