October, 2008


La Clase de Espaņol


Dear Parents,


Wow!  Already a month under our belt, can you believe it?  I wanted to take the time and let you know what is happening in the Spanish classroom.


Each new lesson starts with new vocabulary.  All students have a vocabulary sheet and flash cards.  I find this very helpful as students can take the cards with them on the bus or in the car and practice the vocabulary.  It is my hope that each student reviews the vocabulary 5-10 minutes every day.  This makes studying for quizzes/tests not so overwhelming.


Fiesta Fridays are coming back!  Each Friday we are doing something relating to the Spanish culture.  I am always looking for new ideas if anyone has some to share! Sixth graders are studying the Mexican Flag while Spanish I and II have been hard at work making books for the Migrant Headstart School in Bear Lake.


Sixth grade has started a new unit on greetings, goodbyes, introductions and responses. Next week we will take a test covering this material.  In the next unit, we will study the colors and agreement in gender among words in Spanish.  It is a fun unit where students can be creative and artistic.  This is an eager bunch, always wanting to learn more.  I am delighted to have such a terrific group!


Seventh grade is also working on greetings, goodbyes, introductions and responses.  Even though this vocabulary is more advanced than it was last year, I was surprised how much they remembered over the summer! They will end this unit making a comic strip in Spanish.  A lighter unit follows with colors and numbers (0-100).  This group is passionate and loves to express their opinions which often lead to great debates!  We always have a good time.


Eighth grade is wrapping up the unit on things in the city.  This unit was full of new vocabulary, but these students impressed me by how well they study.  You should see the marvelous maps they created of Onekama!  In the next unit this class will also move onto colors, numbers (0-millons) and agreement of words in gender and number.  What a wonderful class this is!  There are so many hard workers and students who genuinely want to learn the Spanish language and culture.  It makes my job as their teacher all the more interesting!


Spanish I has been working hard since the beginning of the year on Unit 1.  Unit 1 includes greetings, introductions, responses, verbs and descriptions of personality and appearance.  In high school, there is more vocabulary than in middle school.  However, I hope that most of it is review from the previous years.  We will spend two days reviewing for the test (scheduled for the 14th of October).  This will be their first test of the year and I’m hoping everyone is prepared to do their best.  Both sections of Spanish I continue to amaze me and I’m impressed with the bond that the students have with each other leaves.  It is wonderful to see how they care and help each other whenever needed.


Spanish II is also finishing up Unit 1.  Most of Spanish II is a review of and continuation of Spanish I.  Recently, we reviewed irregular verbs in the yo form.  The class was divided into two and each group was in charge of making a song about the verb forms.  The songs were terrific!  They were better than anything I could have come up with.  This class is full of very intelligent students and I am lucky enough to lead them!


Some of the Michigan State World Language Standards taught this month:

Middle School:

1.1.N.SL.a: use the target language with culturally appropriate gestures in everyday social situations such as greeting, leave taking or introductions.

1.3.M.S.a: present skits or short plays in the target language.

1.3.N.W.a: illustrate and present materials in the target language such as an advertisement, poster or menu.

5.2.N.a: willingly use the target language within the classroom setting

High School

1.1.M.SL.a: use the target language with culturally appropriate gestures to greet on another and engage in conversations about everyday topics such as school and community events and activities.

1.1.N.RW.e: ask questions in writing about physical appearance, character and personality traits of friends, family, classmates, and answer in writing using a list of traits. 

1.3.N.S.a: Present songs, poems or stories in the target language.

1.3.A.S.a: Participate in and perform scenes in the target language from plays, and/or poems, or excerpts from short stories.


I hope this gives you an insight into the activities in room 332.  Unfortunately, my room is not equipped with a phone yet, so the best way to reach me is through email ( nkolehmainen@manistee.org ).  My home phone is (231) 882-5155.  If your child needs any additional help, I am available before/after school, during lunch and seminar. 






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