Noviembre, 2008      


La Clase de Español


Dear Parents,


Ahh, what a great fall we have been having in the Spanish classroom.  The end of the first quarter is today, can you believe it?  I look forward to meeting some new faces this month at parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday, November 25 (5pm-8pm) and Wednesday, November 26 (8am-11am).  During those times I will be in my room (#332) and no appointment is necessary.   If, for any reason, you are unable to visit with me, but would still like to meet, please email me at: to set up another time. 


6th grade:  They have finished their last unit (colors) with flying colors!  The students created marvelous power points that surpassed my expectations.  Since then, we have moved on to numbers (0-30) and word agreement followed by time.  Your child can say and write the time in correct Spanish form.  Before conferences, we will study the months/seasons, the body and the use of plural articles. 


7th grade:  This class has been diligently working on numbers and telling time which we started just this week.  After telling time we move onto the seasons and weather followed by learning the parts of the body.  In our study of seasons and weather, the students will have the opportunity to do two fun speaking projects culminated by a writing assignment.  This class is full of very talented actors and I can’t wait to see what they can do!


8th grade: These students did so amazingly fantastic with telling time!  They breezed through this like native speakers!  Ask your child to tell you what time it is in Spanish, I bet you will be impressed!  The next unit focuses on weather and seasons and they will create a weather forecast.  They will be incorporating the use of the smartboard in their presentation.  In this unit, they also learn how to say what things they like/dislike and really love.   


Spanish I:  In this class, they just finished writing a letter about Onekama Consolidated Schools.  It was their longest and most involved writing assignment yet.  The students did a marvelous job using appropriate vocabulary and correct grammar.  In Unit 2 we focus on the verbs to be (ser and estar), agreement in numbers and gender, and talking about obligations and future activities.  They will take a test on Unit 2 before the break.


Spanish II:  This month we have started Unit 2 which focuses on direct object pronouns, preterit endings (regular and irregular verbs) and using comparisons.  This month they are also working on a 2 ½ page paper about who they are.  We will spend Fridays in the media center working on this project.  I can’t wait to read what they wrote! 


Some of the Michigan Standards taught during this month:

Middle School:

1.1.N.SL.i: Ask for and obtain information in everyday situations in the target language about time, place, price, size, relating to restaurants, stores, transportation, and services.

1.1.N.SL.j: Share likes and dislikes in the target language with a classmate.

1.1.N.RW.b: Exchange information by asking and answering basic questions about the weather, health/physical conditions, self, family and friends.

1.3.M.S.d: Produce a short original target language video/DVD recording, such as a segment of a newscast, talk show, or game show.


High School:

1.3.M.W.b: Create original compositions or journal entries in the target language.

1.2.M.R.b: Understand main idea and supporting detail, and summarize accessible written materials on familiar topics in the target language such as textbook content, magazine and newspaper articles/ads, websites/internet, poetry or stories.

1.2.M.L.b: Understand interpersonal communications, spoken messages, and group discussions in the target language on familiar topics related to family, school and community.

1.1.M.RW.g: Exchange information in writing in the target language about personal and social, community or current events.


I look forward to meeting you all during conferences!




Mrs. Naomi PM Kolehmainen