Diciembre, 2008         


La Clase de Español


Dear Parents,


It was so nice to see many of you during parent teacher conferences (seems so long ago, doesn’t it?).  I could not be more proud to be your child’s Spanish teacher and I am very grateful for all your support this year! 


6th grade:  They have started a new unit on the body.  It includes vocabulary on the parts of the body, indefinite and definite plural articles.  The next unit is clothing and the singular forms of the verb llevar (to wear).  With both of these units, they will be refining their verbal skills in conversation. 


7th grade:  The students have begun a unit on the body and using the verb tener (to have).  We will also be focusing more on their conversational skills during this section.  In the next unit, clothing, they will learn the verb llevar (to wear), review agreement in gender and number.  We will finish this unit with a live fashion show!


8th grade: This class is continuing their unit on the body.  They are able to talk about their health and how they are feeling.  They can also talk about future activities, both what they are going to do and what they have to do.  In mid December, they will start a unit on clothing.  They will learn how to conjugate regular AR verbs in the present tense for all form.


Spanish I:  Today the students took the unit 2 test.  Next week we move on to unit 3.  The first lesson in unit 3 includes the verb ir (to go), talking about what they like (los gustos) and using there is/there are statements.  Using the verb forms of ir, they will create skits pretending to show foreign exchange students around Onekama.  To practice los gustos, they will be writing letters to Santa just in case he speaks Spanish! 


Spanish II:  This week they turned in the 2 ½ page assignment about themselves.  I look forward to reading their papers this weekend!  The students continue to work on unit 2.  Currently, they are learning how to make comparisons (both equal and unequal) and superlatives (saying something is really, really good!)  At the end of this lesson, they will be giving an oral report comparing our country to a Spanish speaking county.  Their unit test is the week before winter break.




Some of the Michigan Standards taught during this month:

Middle School:

1.3.N.S.a: Present songs, poems, or stories in the target language.

1.3.N.S.b: Record materials in the target language, such as a puppet show, fashion show, or weather report

1.1.N.RW.b: Exchange information by asking and answering basic questions about the weather, health/physical conditions, self, family and friends.

4.1.N.c: Identify basic differences and similarities in register/honorifics between one’s own language and the target language.



High School:

1.1.M.SL.j: Interview a classmate in the target language about their likes, dislikes, preferences, and opinions.

1.3.M.S.a: Present skits or short plays in the target language.

1.2.N.L.d: Understand main idea of an audio presentation (CD, lecture, radio, podcast, songs/music).

1.3.A.W.c: Present written reports on familiar and unfamiliar topics in the target language.


If I missed you at parent teacher conferences and you would still like to meet, please email me at nkolehmainen@manistee.org to set up an appointment.






Mrs. Naomi PM Kolehmainen