Abril, 2009    


La Clase de Espaņol


Dear Parents,


So great to see so many refreshed faces!  As a reminder to your child, he/she can access homework and missing assignments through Moodle (linked to the OCS website).  This week is the start of a new marking period and I encourage everyone to do their best! 


6th grade:  Before the break the students learned numbers 0-30.  This week we build upon that with learning how to telling time.  Next week the months of the year and seasons are introduced.  In cooperative groups they will create a song to help remember the vocabulary.  The quiz covering this material is scheduled for April 20.  April will end studying the parts of the body.  We continue daily to work on pronunciation and agreement in number and gender in the Spanish language.


7th grade:  Students have begun learning the parts of the body and the verb tener (to have).  A test over this unit is scheduled for April 15.  Next we will focus on clothing with a review of conjugating AR verbs.  In this unit the students will prepare a fashion show and present it in front of the class.  Leading into May we start the unit on people (personality and physical description) and review the verbs ser and estar (to be). 


8th grade:  This week we started a new unit on weather and how to describe their likes and dislikes.  Next week they will prepare a weather forecast.  Look for videos of their presentation on the Spanish webpage!  The date of this test is scheduled for April 20.  The second unit focuses on the parts of the body and conveying where they are hurt.  They will review the verbs tener (to have) and ir (to go) and learn how to talk about obligations in the future.


Spanish I: First year students continue to work on unit 5 which deals with directions, shopping and ordering at a restaurant.  They are doing a marvelous job studying their vocabulary and reviewing new verbs!  This month they will learn useful idioms, ordinal numbers, how to use indirect pronouns, and the verbs pensar (to think), poder (to be able, can), Costar (to cost), pedir (to ask for), server (to serve), decir (to say, tell) and seguir (to continue).  Unit 5, lesson 2 quiz is April 16 and lesson three quiz is April 30.  They will take the unit 5 test the first week of May.




Spanish II:  We are wrapping up unit 3 (test: Monday, April 13) and heading into unit 4 as they learn irregular imperfect forms of the verbs ser, ver and ir.  They will continue to practice using both the imperfect and preterite tense in both speech and writing.  At the end of lesson 1 the students will interview classmates and write a newspaper article about them.  The quiz is scheduled for April 23.


Some of the Michigan Standards taught during this month:

Middle School:

1.1.N.SL.j:  Share likes and dislikes in the target language with a classmate.

2.2.N.G.d: Describe the climate and typical seasonal weather patterns in various parts of a country in which the language is spoken.

1.3.N.S.c: Record materials in the target language, such as a puppet show, fashion show or weather report.

1.1.N.SL.b: Ask and answer basic questions about the weather, health/physical conditions, self, family and friends.


High School:

1.1.A.SL.h: Use target language to discuss current or past events that are of significance in the target culture.

1.1.M.RW.g: Exchange information in writing in the target language about personal and social, community, or current events.

1.2.M.L.d: Understand main idea and supporting detail, and summarize an audio presentation (CD, lecture, radio, podcast, songs/music).

1.3.M.S.a: Present skits or short plays in the target language.



I am available to help your child before or after school, during seminar and lunch if s/he would like any extra help.  Feel free to contact me at nkolehmainen@manistee.org if you have any concerns.  I look forward to meeting with you during parent-teacher conferences on April 15 from 5-8 pm.






Mrs. Naomi PM Kolehmainen