Onekama Consolidated School

2008 – 2009

8th Grade Science ~ Room 346

Syllabus and Summary




*      On time and ready to work

*      Prepared with tools (pencil, paper, notebook, text,  journal) and a good attitude

*      Please leave food, beverages, all electronics, and any other distracters in your locker or at home

*      Be respectful


Insubordination of any sort will not be tolerated and will result in immediate RTC procedures.





Course grades will be determined by combining the scores from each of five areas: Homework, Quizzes, Tests, Math’s Journal, Participation.


*      Homework ~ daily opportunities for points

*      Quizzes ~ may be announced or unannounced; usually covering material recently read by the student and problems recently encountered by the student

*      Tests ~ two or three per marking period; always announced at least a week in advance and covering more material (a whole chapter) than a quiz

*      Participation ~ students earn daily points for preparedness, participation in classroom discussions and events, helpfulness, and attitude; students involved in the RTC process forfeit all Participation points for that day




*      In the case of excused absence from class, the student will have one day to turn in work after the due date for every class period missed and will not lose points. The student may turn in late work but will lose half of the marked score for every late day.




            This year, we will be focusing on earth systems, landforms, plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes, the water cycle, hydrogeology, weather, the Sun, and climate change. Please follow the link to the State of Michigan’s High School Content Expectations for a better description of course content:






I am blessed to be here in Onekama and appreciate the opportunity to work with your sons and daughters in the classroom. I look forward to meeting all of you and to a wonderful school year. Please feel free to stop in and visit any time; if you ever have questions you can call (231) 889-4251 x301 or email

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