Papel Picado (cut paper) Project

Mexicans decorate the streets with these during the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is on Nov. 2, and at Christmas. 

These were fun to do, but really hard. Every time you make a cut, it could be a disaster. This was a fun and challenging activity. ~Madalyn


The banners were hard to cut because they could rip easily and my sun god did not turn out the way I wanted. Other than that it was fun. ~Paco (Paul C.)

I really like the crafts that we do on Friday. The papel picado was my favorite. Our room looks good! ~Anna V.

It's sort of like making a paper snowflake. ~David

I like that Senora K. started what we like to call our "Friday Fun Days" where we make projects that relate to Spanish and Mexican culture. ~Alex C.

I thought making papel picado was fun. I wish I had followed one of the traditional designs, but it was still fun. My cut paper banner took me a long time to make. I think it turned out very well. ~Louise S.

Photos and Project by Naomi Kolehmainen
 December 2007

The room is so colorful, it makes it enjoyable to be in here! ~Joslyn

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