Aztec Sun God Calendars


     These pictures are of the students making Aztec sun god calendars.  They made them using paper plates, pom-poms, feathers, glitter, markers and colored paper.

I think doing these cultural things makes it more hands on and fun to learn a new language. ~Dan G.


Making a sun god was cool.
~Zach D.


It's fun to create your own design.
~Todd C.

Learning about the sun gods was interesting.  ~Lola


The Aztec Sun God Calendars was a fun activity. We had to make a face in the center, which was the most fun part. ~Madalyn


I thought the "sun god" project allowed us to be creative. Personally I like arts and crafts. ~Lucy Lee


The papel picado and Aztec sun got activities were a lot of fun. I really enjoy crafts. Mrs. K. really enlightened me about Spanish culture and these tremendous skills will be with me for an eternity. ~Levi

I like how my sun god turned out. ~Mariah


We should do this more often so we don't have to do work. Still, I think it would have been better if we played dodge ball! ~Thomas

I wasn't too fond of the sun god assignment because it was hard to design and it was hard to make mine look good. I didn't like the way it turned out. I did, however, enjoy the papel picado. I like the way they looked and I was able to follow the steps. ~Alicia


Doing projects is super fun and I'm learning. The projects help me understand the language more & I think Mrs. K. is a good teacher. ~Sherece


I liked making the Aztec calendars. It was fun to work with the cotton balls and string. ~Jaylee


Doing this project was really cool and fun. ~Courtney


November 2007 

I learned tissue paper can rip easily.
~Che (Truman)


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The projects we do are pretty sweet. The room definitely has more color. Plus it gives us a break from all the work. ~Katie P.


I'm sure the Aztec would have approved!


Photos and Project
by Naomi Kolehmainen
 December 2007