Our NHS chapter held this same campaign four years ago.  Classrooms are encouraged to hold their own money raising events such as bake sales to collect money. The middle school boxes will be distributed to Mrs. Graham – 8th grade, Mrs. Ramsey – 7th grade, Ms. Turk – 6th grade. The high school will be Mr. Baldner – 9th grade, Ms. French – 10th, 11th & 12th grade.

Onekama NHS Sponsors
Pennies for Patients


From April 8 - 25, the NHS will be sponsoring a fund raising campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society called Pennies for Patients.  Collection boxes will be distributed to your rooms the morning of Tuesday, April 8.  I will try to have these boxes picked up every two days to count money.  We ask that you put the box in a secure location in the evening.

The elementary will have boxes for each grade as well.  If anyone wants a box for their room, let me know.

The winning classroom/grade will receive either a pizza or an ice cream sundae party (your choice). There is a DVD for classroom viewing which discusses the reasons behind this fund raising campaign.  You can schedule the viewing of the DVD with Ms. French. 

An announcement to elementary parents will be attached to the Thursday bulletin.  We appreciate your participation in the worthy cause.

 Nick Bradford, NHS President

Here are the final totals for the Pennies for Patients campaign.  The kids raised $830.32 for this cause.  Thank you to all of you who helped.  The winning class is Mrs. Niederstadt’s class.  Winners Photo Below

  • 12th  5.74

  • 11th  38.36

  • 10th  12.46

  • 9th   24.92

  • Graham 8th  29.00

  • Ramsey 7th  73.99

  • Turk 6th    29.92

  • Mauntler   32.12

  • Bennet     85.72

  • Brown     118.77

  • Neph       39.42

  • Kudlack    8.68

  • Lyman      94.15

  • Catanese   69.49

  • Mrs. N     167.58

The NHS had two successful blood drive, Toys for Tots Drive and Pennies for Patients.  Our second blood drive netted 26 pints of blood April 25. Our first drive was in October Blood Drive

 Nick Bradford, President