Young Spikers Program


High School Spikers Pass their Skills to Elementary Students

This is my first year having a younger program.  The program is aimed at getting girls interested at a younger age and letting them learn about the sport so they will join the team when it's offered.  I offered it to ages 2nd graders-6th graders. 

I had 31 girls join. We are having 4 clinics, invited to three games, and a recognition night during a game.   The JV and Varsity girls and myself are teaching the younger girls volleyball skills, terminology, and how the game is played. 
Thank you,
Lanette Keith, Volleyball Coach
January 10, 2007

I am in the Volleyball Young Spikers' Program. We have only had one "practice". We have big sisters. My big sister is Skylar, I think. I like to bump. I am not very good at setting or serving, but I can kind of spike. We are doing volleyball in gym class. I like the Volleyball Program on Saturdays because there are no boys yelling at you when you do something wrong. There are boys like that in gym. I like volleyball. Volleyball is fun....Emily C.B. grade 6

Every Saturday we go to the gym to practice VolleyBall. At the clinic we got to practice Spiking, hitting and well, we have fun! We are going to get mentors. I've only gone to one practice, and I already love it. ...Louise, grade 4

This year I was in the basketball thing. Now I'm in the volleyball program.  I learned how to spike. It was fun.  Oh, I forgot we also learn to serve the ball and hit the ball. Okay, I'm done, like I said, "I can't weight!" ...Alexis, grade 4

This year I'm in Young Spikers. I joined because volley ball is one of  my favorite sports. We go to the games and we go to the clinics and after school practices. We are learning to spike, serve, and lots of other things. So far it's a lot of fun. ...Megan S. grade 4

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I am in volleyball. It is very fun. We learned how to spring, serve, hit the ball. It is very fun. I wanted to play volleyball all my life. I can't wait till the next practice. I can't wait till we get a mentor. ...Bernice, grade 4

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We did a set up and a high jump and a low jump. We got to have three in a group. I picked Megan and Alexis. We layed down on our bellies and rolled the ball to each other. We all get a mentor.  I would like Andrea. I love volleyball. ...Kayla, grade 4

Current members: 
2nd graders are Megan T, Megan M, Kassidy W, Taler B, Mckayla H, Michele H, Grace H, Kiara B, Makayla S, Lauryn J.
3rd graders are Courtney L, Alexa W, Courtney M, Natasha A, Savannah A, Keegan G
4th graders are Louise B, Cheyenne H, Kayla K, Megan S, Alexis T, Bernice C, Kayla F
5th grader-Sierra W
6th graders are Jenafae C, Emily B, Elizabeth B, Amy K, Kaylan F, Emily C.B, Moriah M