Drew carefully picks up his ball marker and places his ball back on the green. The 3rd hole can be a little tricky putting out, and Drew studies the path . He ended with a bogey...

Portager Golf


Parker Johnson Shoots a Personal Best of 39 at Today's Tie Breaker!

Bear Lake County Highlands
September 7, 2006

Todd retrieves his ball after sinking his putt...he was a
tad too quick for me.. Todd and Tim golfed the back 9 at today's match.

Look who we have here! Jared Lutz a former OHS student, is now attending Bear Lake and is involved with their Golf team. Here, Jared takes a practice putt before putting out the hole.

Todd sneaks a peek over Coach Zadow's shoulder as she goes over a team member's scorecard. It was going to be close today.

Jordan follows his ball's flight out of the sand hazard on the 8th.

   All teams in the conference were at the County Highlands, in  Bear Lake, for another Jamboree. This wasn't just any ordinary jamboree. It was the match that would break the tie for first in the conference between Onekama and Brethren/Bear Lake. The playing groups were started from different holes on the front 9 to make the match run faster. Parker and his playing group started on the first tee. Immediately, his drive off the tee blasted down the fairway with great distance. Parker easily secured an Eagle on the first hole, which is a par 5. Parker shot 3! Hole after hole, Parker played well tonight. Young Mr. Johnson was still 1 under as of the 5th hole. He ran into some trouble on the 9th, having to shoot out of the sand , over shooting the green a smidge and putting out the hole, but still finished with a 39 for the match.
   With the team members scattered throughout the front 9 for the start of the match, it was difficult to get a feel or good read on how the match was going. From across one fairway to another , you could see arms being flung up in either disgust or happiness, depending on the situation. The match was taking its toll on both teams. About the only thing on the front 9 without a care in the world , were a flock of Canadian geese, who did not seem to mind even a long drive landing in there midst on the 6th fairway.
    Shelli and I made a quick trip around the front 9 to one, take photos of each shooter, and two, to get a feel for how it was going. Things sounded good the first trip around, but we took another ride around the front 9 again to see if there were any problems brewing. We started getting those quick glances back at us to acknowledge what they felt was a bad shot or excellent chip.
We decided to get back up to the club house and wait out the results. Enough about Shelli's and my excursions on the front 9...I bet you are anxiously waiting the final results....We were too!  
   Parker shot a personal best of 39 strokes for lowman for OHS, Levi Capper turned in a 41, Drew struggled more than he wanted , but carded a 44 and Jordan Pomeroy shot a 46 to be the scoring four in today's match. The team score, 170. Other shooters for OHS were Jake with 47 and Zac with a 49. Playing on the back nine was Todd Lyman shooting a 53 and Tim Veverica a 57.
   Brethren/Bear Lake's lowman was Patrick Spaulding shooting a 38. Logan Mezesky shot 39 strokes, Roger Mullet, 42 and Jared Lutz 46 to bring a team effort of 165 in. The Tie was finally broken..by only 5 strokes, but it was broken, giving Brethren/Bear Lake sole ownership of first in the Conference for the first half of the season. The Portagers get another shot at reclaiming the title during the Conference Finals coming up soon.
    The Portager Golf Team now stands 2nd in the conference with a 4-1 record and 8-2 overall to date. This was a close one folks. Grab your visors, come out and support them as they show their dominance and force on the courses.
    September 12th at Lakeside Links, brings an all team scramble that all the players enjoy playing. The best ball is the one that is played throughout the holes and very low scores are usually carded. Start time, 1pm. September 14th has the team at home, at The Heathlands, in a  non-conference match with Benzie Central.
Whistles and Hugs Team!

Jake throws his clubs over his shoulder to head down the fairway with his playing partners. You have to give those boys credit, those bags get pretty heavy near games end. Give me a 7 iron and a putter and I'm good to go!

Todd makes use of his putter after the match. Seems it saves your fanny when there's nowhere to sit and you don't want a green one from the plush grass.

These Canadian Honkers had front row seats for the
action on the 3rd and 6th holes.

Jared looks concerned for a reason. Word was spreading fast about Parker's eagle and overall shooting today.

It was a good match today with many good things to notch in there belt... the boy's know they have another shot at reclaiming the title of 1st in the conference.

(A full size photo at the bottom of this page.)

The boys waited a few minutes to let the geese move over...it wasn't happening, so Levi looks things over and makes his approach shot onto the 6th green. The geese didn't even take notice as his ball cleared the pond and put him in close proximity to the pin.

Manager Paul Cunningham launched a few drives for us tonight after the match, drives that even wow'd Coach Zadow! Paul is such a good manager that he even rushed over to correct my grip at the driving range after the last match.

Drew glances at his scorecard at completion of the 6th hole. Barely missing the par he'd hoped for, he scores a bogey.

Back at the club house, Coach Zadow and Parker hear Levi's final score...a 41...

While sitting near the tee for the 6th, I finally catch Jake walking up the fairway on the 3rd. Teeing off from different holes made it hard to find the players we were looking for , but did make the match run faster.

Drew putts out the hole and moves on. While Drew felt he truly struggled today he still carded a nice 44.

 Is it my shaft, wrist rotation, teeing too low? What is it Coach Zadow? Coach Zadow stayed well after the match to help anyone who had questions about their swing. Some problems were solved
and others are still in the works...

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