Portager Golf Team Smashes Through School Record!


<--Tim launches his ball off the tee. Look at that powerful swing! Tim's a senior this year and will be missed next year.


Shelli received a "thumbs up" from her son Drew at the 7th tee. Not only were the boy's just shooting well tonight, they were on their way to breaking the school's team record. -->

   On their home course, The Heathlands, playing the front nine, the Portager Golf team easily swept the Frankfort Panthers tonight, 161 to 216 to set a new school team record. The record stood since 1999 when Dustin Hart, Kirk Tompke, Jamie Sommerville and Christopher Pearson set a team low score of 163. Portager golf teams have come and gone for 7 years trying to break that record score, but it was this year's 2006 team members who chipped, drove, putted their way through it. The team had broke it unofficially several times during practice, however had trouble getting at least four members shooting in the high 30's and low 40's at an official match. They came within 2 strokes of the record again just a match or so ago, sparking more desire and drive to achieve it.
    As a team, they fed off each other's eagles, birdies, one putts, long drives to achieve what seemed like the unreachable just months before.
The Portagers sport nice depth of members who all can shoot in the high 30's, low 40's. This truly was a team effort and achievement. The 2006 Golf Team has set a new record of 161!

Match Medalist was Levi Capper shooting a personal best of 37. Jordan Pomeroy and Jake Matthews each carded 41's. Drew Griswold, still sick, turned in a 42. Parker Johnson shot 47 and Tim Veverica carded a 49. Derek Rosen logged in 46 strokes for the round.
Donny Olson shot a birdie on the 8th hole helping him bring in a 50 stroke effort. Zac Gilbert also shot 50. Todd Lyman was home ill.

   Frankfort's Coach, Mark Dost's team turned in a team effort of 216 for the 9 hole match. Jack Wilband shot 45 strokes to become their team lowman. Aaron Wills brought in a score of 51, Jared Ikens a 58 and Kameron Hollenbeck 62 to wrap up their scoring four. Also shooting for Frankfort, but no factor in their score was Andrew Fitzugh with 65 and Seth Menschina with 67.
     As the sun started to set this evening, the chill of fall was definitely in the air. In fact, I think I'm still slightly blue....but as those scorecards came in one by one, everyone forgot how teeth chattering cold it had become. Handshakes and hugs were abundant as Coach Zadow confirmed the new school record. "There is no "I" in TEAM....it was all of "us" that achieved this goal.", is what I heard tonight.
     Once records are set, they usually stay there for awhile, however, this team is ready to smash it again at the next match. I hope they do!
      This win now has the team standing at 19-4 overall for the regular season. Next week brings a county wide tournament, where local teams will be shooting it out for 10 medals. From there, it is on to District play at Ram's Horn.
Congratulations on your new school record!
Gwen *photos are coming...*

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Yes. Jordan, keep walking..your shot is way up here! Jordan and his playing partners from Frankfort along with Mr. Cunningham, make the turn on the 4th fairway.

I caught Tim on his upswing as he tees off on the 6th.

 Tim, Jake and Manager Mike Swanson, make the turn on the dog leg on the 4th in preparation for their approach shots on the 4th green.

Drew pop's his ball onto the green giving it enough roll to come close to the pin. I found myself puffing and blowing from a distance hoping it would just drop in!

Go, ball, go! Parker sinks his putt on the 4th. I never knew this before...but the pin was surely in a different area of the green than I had remembered it...confused, I asked the team about it after the match, and they explained it is common practice for course management to move the pins around on the greens..hmmm. Now I know!

Derek demonstrates a nice high back swing on his tee off for the 7th.

Parker studies the path his ball must take, as a Frankfort playing partner chips onto the green at the 4th hole.

Levi follows his long putt , on the 4th, willing the ball to drop in for a birdie...

Zac studies his chip's travel to the pin...

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Jordan, a Senior leader, has never really like his photo taken, so, for the last few years, I have had to get pretty creative and sneaky getting shots of him in action. Here, I catch a view of him teeing off from the 5th tee. I was sitting in the old orchard between the 4th and 5th fairways..huh! Gotch Ya Jordan

Donny's chip onto the 4th green made me almost stand up in my golf cart as it came within an inch of dropping into the cup!