Parker Johnson Shoots 39 to Lead Portagers to Win Over Manton


Playing partners Levi Capper and Parker Johnson
attempt to follow Levi's tee shot. Parker
shields his eyes from the sun as Levi
completes his follow-through.->

     Drew was sick tonight and Levi's clubs found their way to Bear Lake instead of The Heathlands, forcing him to borrow a set for the match, but none of this slowed the Portagers down in claiming the win. Shooting just two strokes above the school team record, the Portagers logged in a team effort of 165 on the front nine. Coach Jeff Sinkel's team from Manton brought in a team effort of 199.
   Match medalist and team lowman for tonight's match, was Portager Parker Johnson who carded a 39. Jordan Pomeroy recovered from a couple of bogies he had early on, to card a 40. Levi made due with a set of clubs he wasn't used to and finished with a 42. Also scoring for OHS tonight was Jake Matthews with a 44. These were the young men that brought in the team effort of 165. Shooting, but no factor in the score was Drew Griswold with an effort of 46. When turning in his scorecard, I overheard him commenting on how nothing he did was right tonight, nor did any adjustments help. Throughout the match we could hear him coughing and sneezing and looking quite under the weather. All and all, not a bad score when one feels that miserable. Tim Veverica shot a 53 tonight. Donny Olson turned in a 67 for the nine holes commenting, "I started out doing real good and then things just went from good to worse."
   Mitch Norman earned team lowman for Manton tonight, shooting 41 strokes. Cole Stranger shot 50, Kyle Gilmore 53, Keith Volkner 54, Chris Thiebert and Cody Emery both turned in 55's, Matt Austin shot 62 and Ryan Chalker turned in a 65.

Jake Matthews airmails his second shot close to the pin on the 7th green setting up an opportunity for birdie.  Jake made that birdie putt. 

Drew Griswold completes his second shot into the 1st green from a position where only the top of the flagstick can be seen in the distance.

      The Portager Golf Team now stands 18-4 with tonight's non-conference win. They go on to play Frankfort 9-28-06, which will wrap up the regular season. Tee time is set for 4:30pm at the Heathlands. If you haven't had a chance to watch them in action, you are running out of time! Fall is arriving, and it makes for an enjoyable walk as you follow them through the course. At the very least, wait for them at the 9th hole and applaud their fine efforts this season.
   They have a busy week coming up next week as they prepare for Districts. There is a county wide tournament scheduled at The Heathlands for the local teams where 10 medals will be up for grabs. From there, a scheduled practice at the Rams Horn, where they will get a practice run through for District play. Mix in all the homework they must fit into their schedule and it's no wonder they consider it a busy week!
   Golf season is winding down fast. Don't miss your opportunity to congratulate our OHS Golf Team when you see them!
   Thank you, manager Paul Cunningham, for assisting with the photography tonight. When I would moan that I just missed the perfect photo, he would say, "I got it!"  Paul also helped in the recovery of several stray balls tonight. He has an eye like an eagle. Great job Paul! Stay healthy team.
Whistles and Hugs,
Gwen ( who needs to remember to bring her coat for when the sun starts to go down..brrrrrrrr...)

Jordan Pomeroy completes his chip shot on the 3rd green setting up an attempt for birdie.

Manager Paul Cunningham points to the location of an errant shot he located in the heather for a member of the foursome he walked with during the match.

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