I had the privilege of catching Tim's awesome chip onto the 7th green. His game is back!

OHS Wins
Non-Conference Match against Benzie Central

Sept. 14, 2006

Coach Zadow and Jordan discuss how his game is going. I saw him shake his head negatively to her, but by match end,  he had carded a final score of 39....

    The shooting was fairly equal between the two teams tonight , however, a scorecard signed in error, with errors on it at match end,resulted in one disqualification and a dramatic change in the final score.
  Jordan Pomeroy is "back" in his game, shooting a 39 for team lowman. It was nice to see Jordan smiling again through out the match. Parker Johnson has also "returned" to his game, carding a 41. Levi Capper was right there also with a 41 and Drew shot a 43. These were the scoring four for the Portagers tonight at The Heathlands on the front 9. Team score for OHS, 164. The Portager's shot just one stroke off from the school record of 163! Tim Veverica has finally found his game, much to his relief, turning in a 46! (Welcome back Tim!) Jake Matthews shot a 49, Todd Lyman 54. Zac Gilbert struggled tonight, carding a 57. Derek Rosen, playing his first home match, shot a nice 47. Donny Olson continues to improve his game, carding a 62.
   Lowman for Benzie Central,as well as the match ,was Paul Norman, shooting a 36. Benzie's Sean Maier shot 38 strokes, Brandon Evans a 49 and Brady Cole a 43 to be Benzie's scoring four and giving them a team effort of 166. Toby Gould shot 49 and Dan Kelsey's score was disqualified for the card with errors on it.
Benzie Coach, Todd Luebke stated that, "He's glad it happened at a dual meet like this, then to have had it happen at Districts." Coach Zadow agreed. Golf has many complicated rules to follow, however these two coaches tonight, know the books well and all rules were followed to the letter. The scorecard error was an honest mistake of simply putting scores down under someone else's name by accident, not finding and correcting, and finally signing it as accurate. This was a good lesson for both teams tonight, one they will hopefully never have to deal with again.
    Onekama now stands 12-3 overall for the season, granting only to Brethren/Bear Lake twice and Division 2 Manistee High once (all 3 close games). The Portagers get one more shot at giving Brethren/Bear Lake their first loss in Conference play next Tuesday at Manistee National.
    Welcome back Boys! Where have some of ya been lately? It's nice to have ya home again! (oh...I bet Coach Zadow ,being a teacher, isn't going to like the word "ya" in "this here story"...*grin*
Whistles and Hugs for accurate scorecards team!

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While watching a group putt out the 7th hole, I was able to also catch a couple of our team members and their playing group tee off for the 8th hole from the tiers. Fall colors are starting to make their appearance on the course making for  beautiful scenery.

Zac , Jake and their Benzie playing partners exchange
scorecards for verification of scores and proper addition before turning them into the Coaches. This is done after every match, and after tonight's DQ, it has even greater importance as to why it is done.

Zac propels this long putt on the seventh hole to a position near the cup for a bogey,


Manager Mike Swanson sits down to wait out the playing group who is teeing off for the 6th. Wonder why he doesn't sit  on a putter like Todd does?

Derek Rosen wills this long putt into the hole in his first home match of the season. Derek turned in a final score of 47 for the round.

You would never believe where I was sitting to get this shot as Tim launches his ball off the 8th tee. I must be nuts! Surely a "bad" swing would have put a ball right between my eyes. But, I trust Tim's swing and sit just over the edge of the tier looking up at him.

Coach Zadow looks back at the Benzie Coach and chuckles, as Parker tells her how he prefers to putt out close putts left handed. (That's different)

Jordan contemplates his tee shot on the seventh hole. 

Drew lines his tee shot up on the sixth hole. 

Levi completes his practice swing on the seventh tee. The seventh hole needs a tee shot to fly to the corner of the right handed dogleg

Parker prepares to launch his eight iron into the eighth green.

Todd explodes his approach shot onto the seventh green from the bunker that lies just in front of his intended target.

Derek completes his put to the cup on the ninth green looking to par the hole.

Jake leaves the greenside bunker after successfully playing his approach shot to the eighth green.

Tim displays his best competitive
 score of 46 on the season.

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Report and Photos by Gwen

Donny has his putt on line to the cup.  He made the putt for bogey on the ninth hole.