Golf Regionals Coach Zadow Awarded District Coach of The Year! October 14, 2006
Portagers Wrap up Season....

    Mother Nature and Old Man Winter had their fun the last few days, however they seemed to grow weary as the new Regional Date approached. With them running out of steam, the golf teams only had to contend with their strong, cold, gusty winds and dreary skies, a much better version than of yesterday's blowing snow. However, still not good golf weather.
    Levi Capper, Drew Griswold and Parker Johnson all shot 89 strokes today for a three way tie for lowman for OHS. Jordan turned in a 93 stroke effort and Jake Matthews carded 97 strokes. The Portager's turned in a team effort of 360 for today's Regional play, giving them an 8th place finish out of the 12 teams that competed. They finished 25 strokes out of 3rd place which would have sent them on to State.
   North Muskegon, who stole the show at Districts a few days ago , finished 3rd to move on to State, as well as N. Christian who placed second. It was Saugatuck who ran away with it today at regionals though, turning in a team effort of 307. No other team came even close to shooting those low scores. Alex Lannning of Saugatuck shot 69 for 3 under par to become regional champ. Saugatuck took the first 3 medals with their individuals. It was scores of 77, 78 and 79 that sent the players on to state this year.

   What a ride it has been this year, covering and watching the 2006 golf team! Finishing the year with a record of 19-4 overall for the season, smashing through the school's team record, making it to regionals as a team, Coach Awarded District Coach of the Year!....WOW!
    Coach Zadow gives thanks and credit to her team for her being awarded District Coach of the Year. No wonder our golf team is full of class. Coach Zadow also is a class act! A team can be full of talent and skill, but it takes a great coach to pull it all together! Her peers must have seen that this year. Congratulations Coach.
    There will be an awards banquet soon for the team, where the coveted team lowman will be awarded as well as any conference or district recognitions.
    Hugs and Whistles Team! Just an outstanding season!
Gwen (who feels like someone just let the air out of her is what do we do for fun and entertainment?!)

No photos of today's match. Coach Zadow
had officiating duties....*

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