Jordan heads off to the next tee. He has a lot to smile
about today as he is about to finish in a tie for lowman for OHS on the back nine.

O.H.S. logs in two more wins August 22 by beating M.C.E. and Freesoil


Current Conference Standings:
OHS  2-0 (tied for 1st)
Brethren/Bear Lake 2-0 (tied for 1st)
MCE 1-1 (tied for 3rd)
Walkerville 1-1 (tied for 3rd)
Freesoil (0-2)
Baldwin ( 0-2)


   Onekama's golfers gain 2 conference match wins today at The Heathlands bringing them 2-0 in the conference standings tied with Brethren/Bear Lake who is also standing 2-0. OHS is 3-0 overall with the non-conference match win against MCC at the start of the season.
  All six teams in the WMD conference were at the Jamboree today with OHS going head to head with Freesoil on the front 9 and MCE on the back 9. OHS was able to shut out Freesoil with the tight low scoring of the Onekama shooters on the front 9 with a team score of 171 to Freesoil's 228.
  Lowman for Onekama in this match was Parker Johnson with his 40. Levi Capper carded a 41, Jordan Pomeroy handed in a 43 and Drew Griswold and Jake Matthews both turned in a 47. Only one of the 47's was needed for the scoring four to lock up the win. Also shooting, but no factor in the final score was Tim Veverica with a 53.
  The team went onto play MCE on the back 9. Shooting 12 strokes less then their opponent, OHS shot 172 to MCE's 184 to nail another win. One that the coach and team have been shooting for , for years. Drew Griswold and Jordan Pomeroy shaved some strokes off their game, carding 42's each.

   Levi Capper logged in a 43 and Jake Matthews a 45 to be the scoring four in this match. Shooting but not scoring in this round was Parker Johnson with a 47 and Tim Veverica with a 58. Jake Matthews demonstrated beautiful one putts on four consecutive holes on the back 9, while Drew shook off his first round shaving off 5 strokes to tie for lowman in this match. Tim Veverica got no respect while putting out the 16th. Someone persisted in hollering for their dog in the woods that sits tight to the green. Tim ended with a double bogey for the hole. It didn't let up there. As the teams made their way to the 17th tee, they were trying to block out the person racing a  very large and noisy remote control car on the cart path. The groups pushed on , and the OHS team held it together for the win.      

 Today's medalist overall was Patrick Spalding of Brethren/Bear Lake shooting a 77. This is going to be a very interesting season. Could this be the year our team prevails? The talent/skill is right if the "golf gods" take notice....what a year this might be!

Levi sinks a beautiful putt for par on the 17th hole.

The sand was no trap for Drew as he popped his ball out of there with little effort, landing it close to the hole on the 17th.

Tim launches his ball down the fairway from the 18th tee, glad to put behind him the hollering and car racing that was going on between the 16th and 17th holes.

Jake Matthews demonstrates great driving skills off the 18th. His scores are consistently in the mid to low 40's. Jake is a Freshman.

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Come out and support our team!
Thank you Shelli Griswold for riding along with me today and taking photos of the team members! Congratulations Team! Job well done!
...Gwen Smith

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Parker Johnson was our lowman on the front 9 today. Here, he tees off for the 18th, sending it up the fairway beautifully.