Elk Rapids Invitational

October 21, 2006

On a cool but somewhat sunny morning in Elk Rapids The Cross Country  teams were ready to run in their final meet before Regionals at Benzie next Saturday, October 28.

Today Coach Dal Townsend put five runners on the JV team and five runners on the Varsity team. The two JV runners to cross the finish line first would make up the Varsity team that will run at Regionals on Saturday and the Third runner will be the alternate runner in case of a injury

Our Junior High Boys(no girls ran today) finished 2nd overall with all 4 division put together. Finishing 1st was Charlevoix 38 points; 2nd Bear Lake/Onekama 62 points; 3rd
Traverse City West 85 points; 4th Traverse City East 97 points; 5th Gaylord 106
points;  6th Benzie Central 153 points; 7th Elk Rapids 154 points;  8th Traverse Bay
Community 223 points.

Here is how our Junior High runners placed overall. There were 109 runners

 2nd     Ryan Pienta       11:10 Medal
 8th     Cody Graf         11:22 Medal
 9th     Tyler Groenwald   11:24 Medal
19th     Lewis Bartlett    11:43 Medal
24th     Bobby Myers       11:56
43rd     Weston Brooks     12:36
53rd     Alex Ringel       12:57
59th     Justin Brown      13:08
69th     Braden Bowling    13:22
70th     Kyle Nettler      13:23
79th     Joseph Pattison   13:49
101      Alex Welch        15:51

The Conference Final Meet will be Monday October 30 at WSSC

The Regional Meet will be 2:00 October 28 at Benzie.

Since the JV runners had five runners they qualified as a team and finished 5th overall as Division 1-4 ran together. 1st Traverse City West 15 Points (a perfect score) 2nd Charlevoix 53 points, 3rd Holly 107 points, 4th Gaylord 115 points, 5th Bear Lake /Onekama 117 points, 6th Traverse City St. Francis 131 points. There were 74 runners in the JV race.

24th    Danny Brown        19:04
34th    Ian Smith          19:31
41st    Donovan Alkire     19:38
49th    Justin Zupin       20:06
65th    Nick Schmoke       21:21

The Boys Varsity finished in 6th place as they put Division 3 and 4 together. Finishing First was Benzie Central 35 points; 2nd Kalkaska 44
points; 3rd Elk Rapids 108 points; 4th Charlevoix 119 points; 5th Harbor Springs
124 points; 6th Bear Lake/Onekama 126 points.
There were 124 runners in divisions 1-4.

16th    Nick Swisher        17:05    Medal
33rd    Jordan Maxey        17:36.1  Medal
34th    Chuckie Schoedel    17:36.4  Medal
56th    John Evans          18:26
66th    Jaron Llewellyn     18:42

Our Varsity Girls had only three runners today. Finishing 1st in Div. 3-4 was Elk Rapids 62 points; 2nd Harbor Springs 74 points; 3rd Benzie Central 81 points. Div.1-4 had 110 runners. Our girls finished as follows:

31st    Brenna Miller        20:38  Medal
60th    Shelby Sidor         22:24
62nd    Ronnie Maidens       22:29

...reported by Dennis Zupin

More photos coming from Dennis

Justin Zupin, Dan Brown, Ian Smith and Donovan Alkire

Chuck Schoedel

Cody and Tyler finish a great race

Nick Swisher

Ian Smith

Reporter Dennis Zupin (CoachZ)

Donovan Alkire

Photos by Lyn Graf, Dennis Zupin and Ann Smith

Elk Rapids Cross Country Schedule 2006 October 21, 2006