Future Stars played
in a special halftime exhibition game. 

Tawny was shooting the ball. The whole team was watching her shoot the ball. ...Hailey


My name is Anna. I'm in the Future Stars Program. My fake big sister is Paige. My coach is Ms. Turk. She is really nice. I like it because I get to learn new things. My big sis is really nice, and the cool thing is Paige is my real big sisters best friend. I'm really glad that I'm in basketball. ...Anna, grade 4

I like half time because it is fun. The blue team did not make a basket. The white team almost made a basket. Bernice will pass it to me and Tawny. It was a fun thing to do. ...Hailey, grade 4

I had the ball and I shot the ball. Hailey was watching me shoot the ball. All the girls were trying to keep her from making a basket. ...Tawny

Having a big sister is special!

My big sister is Kelsy. Kelsy likes me very much. She is very nice to me. We get to make a trail for Kelsy and the girls. We sit on the blechers with Kelsy. We get to play in the gym with Kelsy and the girls. I like her very very much. ...Grace, grade 2

Having a big sister is so fun. I got to play basketball on the floor. The big sisters made us posters. ...Cambria, grade 2

Hailey and I like to play basketball. Basketball is the best sport for us. I pass the ball to Hailey and she passes the ball to me. Bernice passes the ball and Hailey shot the ball. Hailey and Bernice and I like to play. Bernice passes the ball to Anna and Anna shot the ball. Anna made the basket. We had fun at the basketball game. ...Tawny, grade 4

Having a big sister is fun because they help us lern how to dribbol. My big sister is big and she has blond hair. I like her. She is nice. Her name is Diamind. I did good at basketball. ...Michele, grade 2

Having a big sister is fun because she helps me. Chelsea told me that I did good. Chelsea did good and she said I did good. Onekama's team won the game. ...Kyleigh,  grade 2

Onekama Elementary 2006-2007

I am in the Future Stars program. It's when girls sign up and have a basket ball player for a big sister. Every Saturday we meet at the gym and practice. Every Thursday we go to their games and we play at half time. My big sister's name s Sherece. Her number is #22. She's on the JV team. It's a lot of fun to be in the Future Stars Program. ...Megan, grade 4

I think this program is fun because we get a big sister. I also like it because we play basketball at half time. We also get candy. I love basketball. ...Alexis, grade 4

My big sister is nice. Her name is Paige. I sure like her very much. She knows everything. ...McKayla, grade 2

I love being a Future Stare because I like basketball. I like Stephanie because she is nice. Stephanie's mom is very nice. Tawny made the first goal. When we first started it was hard to dribill. I like basketball.  I was passing the ball to Tawny to make a goal. The girls were trying to take the ball. ...Bernice

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Having a big sister is fun! Marlee is fun. She is my big sister. She tichis me how to play basketball and it is fun. She twisted her ankle at the basketball game. It wasn't fun. ...Kassidy, grade 2

I think it is fun to be a future star. This program is a basketball club, camp, thing. You get to have a big sister. My big sister's name is Alicia, no. 34. My coach is Coach Turk. We play games, races, and shoot hoops. We have a practice every Saturday and a game every Thursday except this week we have a game on Tuesday. I think future stars is a good program. I love it! ...Louise, grade 4

In the Future Star Program you get a big sister. My big sister is Carmen Howard. She is a great basketball player! On every Saturday for four weeks you go to a basketball clinic. At the basketball clinic you learn a lot about basketball. At half time on the varsity game we get to play. Before the game starts and during half time we have to make a tunnel for the players. I am glad that I am in the Future Star Program! ...Janique, grade 4

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At the Future Stars program we practice shooting hoops, dribling, passing, bounce passing and a lot of other fun stuff. But first of all we stretch so we don't pull a muscle or twist a muscle. I like to practice shooting hoops and bounce passing. It is really fun and you can learn a lot of new stuff and plus we meet every Saturday. We play during half time at the home game only. But everybody in it is having a really good time. ...Caitlin, grade 4
The fourth grade girls were given a great opportunity to learn about the game of basketball through the Future Stars Program this year.  Not only do they show excitement for the game of basketball now that they have been part of this program, they also have a big sister in the school to look up to and watch play the game.  These young players really are the FUTURE STARS of Onekama! ..Mrs. Bennett, teacher

Photos by Barb 9/21/06