OHS Band Performs
by Gerald, grade 4

Today the OHS Band performers played in the Onekama Media Center. They were taught and instructed by Mrs. Graham. They played three different instrumental songs. They all played with their own instruments. There was one trombone, one trumpet, three clarinets, one flute and one drum. I think they all played wonderfully. It must of tooken a lot of practice to be that good. Their were three songs that were all different tones and sounds. I hope they do good in Grand Rapids.

OHS Band Performs
by Logan, grade 4

Today I watched our school band perform. They played three songs. I never new they could play so good! They played in front of us because they needed an audience. They are going to play in Grand Rapids so people could tell them what they're good at and what they need to work on. I hope they do good in Grand Rapids.


OHS Band Performance
by Alexis, grade 4

I hope the OHS performers win the up coming competition in Grand Rapids. Mrs. Graham is their director, so I really, really hope they win. They have quite a bit of instruments and they play them very beautifully. When they played for us they played in the Media Center. Hopefully they bring a troffy to the elementary. Well, if there is a troffy. I really hope Onekama wins!

OHS Band Performs
by Aaron, grade 4

Today my class and I went to see the Performance in the library. The performers instruments sounded wonderful. They are going to play in Grand Rapids. I do hope they do spectacular in Grand Rapids. Their conductor is Mrs. Graham. I thought the music was great. I forgot the names of their instruments, though. Well, I wish them luck in Grand Rapids.



March 12, 2007, the elementary went to the high school performance. They preformed so they could get use to it for when they go to Grand Rapids. They played three songs. One of the songs was a more slower one than the others. Mrs. Graham was the leader of the band. I want to be in band when I'm in high school. ...Kayla, grade 4

Today in the Media Center Mrs. Graham put on a band performance. She had her students play three pieces of music. I don't remember the first but the last two were "Air for Band" and "Kentucky 1800". The concert was very good. ...William, grade 4

Today we got to see the Onekama high school band play. They all played very well. They played three pieces. They played for us to see what it would be like in front of an audience. They are going to Big Rapids. I thought the performance was great. ...Dan K. grade 4

My sister played in the band and she plays the base clarinet. My favorite song was Kentucky 1800. That was the last song they played for us. I hope they do really great in Grand Rapids. ...John, grade 4

The elementary went to the media center to watch the band play a song. Mrs. Graham was the teacher of the band. They played very well. They took pictures in the media center. It was fun to hear them play their instruments. They played three songs. One was slow. It was loud in there. It was so fun. ...Hailey, grade 4

Mrs. Graham I hope your band makes it to Grand Rapids. We went to the Media Center to watch Mrs. Graham's band. They all had instruments like a drum, tuba and a flute. The songs I remember is the 2nd piece that's smooth, slow and relaxing. I think they will do good in Grand Rapids. ...No name, grade 4

The high school band performed today in the media center. At the end of band for us we brought down chairs and stands. So we were in the media center. The band is going to Grand Rapids! They wanted to perform in front of an audience to get comforterbull. They played three songs, March (something), Kentucky 500, and I don't remember the other one. That's what happened. ...Mitchel, grade 4